Sunday, June 1, 2014


Hello everybody! Welcome to the beautiful month of JUNE! I can't believe it's already June and summer's so close. Let's give summer some appreciation with the help of Olaf:

Sorry, I can't resist that adorable snowman. Anyway, May has been such an amazing month for me, I got to participate for the first time in book blog tours and as you probably can guess, I got a bit carried away with them. But if you like those you're in for a great June as well because I've got quite a few scheduled for this month as well! Moving on, I also got the amazing opportunity to attend BookCon yesterday which was probably the best experience ever! I got to meet pretty much 90% of all my favorite booktubers, Julie Kagawa, GRUMPY CAT, and my current favorite dystopian author: SOPHIE DAVIS. Yup, yesterday was probably the best day of my life. I might post the pictures here, but I'm still a bit iffy about revealing my face on the internut, so we'll see. 

Moving on, let's conclude our review for this month!!

  • All My Restless Life to Live
  • Assured Destruction (Tour)
  • Black Adagio (Tour)
  • Camp Boyfriend + Camp Payback (Tour)
  • Forgotten
  • Here's Looking At You (Tour)
  • How to Say Goodbye (Tour)
  • Jane's Melody
  • See You in Hell
  • Special Attraction (TOUR)
  • Taking Angels (Tour)
  • The Nature of Jade
  • The Sound
  • The Way of Shadows
  • To All The Boys I've Loved Before
  • Transformed (Tour)
  • Tragic Silence (Tour)
  • Uninvited

  • So that's our super duper long list! We also got the opportunity to interview Abi Ketner and Melissa Kaliciki so if you missed that be sure to check it out here.

    Thanks so much for sticking around in MAY and I can't wait to share more reviews and books with y'all in JUNE!!

    Foreverly Obsessed,

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