Review Policy

I check this relatively everyday so feel free to drop an email in for anything, but let's keep everything legal and decent. I will block any email that I feel is not L&D. But seriously, come say Hi and we can start a pen pal email chain! That'd be AWESOME.

Accepting Reviews! (Closed) 
I have so many books that I need to review it just doesn't make any sense for me to accept any more reviews until I get them done. If you still want to send an email I will try to get back to you as soon as possible. :)
I'll review any genre except Erotica, Non-Fiction, Sci-fi, and Manga because those genres don't appeal to me, but if you can provide a convincing reason I might give it a go. I'm currently swamped with college apps and school so I might not get to replying in a while. If I don't reply within a month, chances are I'm either overbooked or I'm not interested. I try to reply to every single email but some just slip by :(

Where to submit?
Shoot me an email (linked above)

What I include in a review?
Book Title/Author
Page #
Cover/Link (to Amazon) (Will include extra links if requested)
Summary from Goodreads/Shelfari/Back of the book
Quotes if there were any that stood out

Rating System:

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