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Hello everyone! My name is Riv which is short for Rivalie. This isn't my real name but it's been my most used screen name for as long as I've been on the internet so it might as well be my real name. I'm an 18 year old college student majoring in Music Education and slaving under the wrath of homework, stress, and practicing. (I look so upset in this picture so I added a little heart to make it better.)

Some fun facts about me - My favorite animals in the world are bunnies and wolves which is strange cause they wouldn't be caught together in the wild. I'm constantly listening to music so if I ever ignore you, I probably didn't hear you (heh). I'm addicted to chocolate, tea, colored pens, stuffed animals, necklaces, and anything cute. I'm a pretty quiet person until you get to know me better and then I can sometimes get a bit too hyper.

Moving on to some general info about the blog - Forever Obsession started in 2012 as a journal blog but slowly transitioned into a book blog once I discovered the world of book blogs. I do anything from reviews to tags to anything that's really on my mind at the moment. I'm still working on getting the blog to be the best that it can be but in the meantime I think it's pretty decent.  Please connect with me on social media or follow this blog for updates! I'm super excited you're here and I hope to share my future reads and fun stuff with you all~

Come say Hi and let's be friends!

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