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Mini Review: The Beginning of After

ISBN: 0061985791
Pages: 432

Anyone who’s had something truly crappy happen to them will tell you: It’s all about Before and After. What I’m talking about here is the ka-pow, shake-you-to-your-core-and-turn-your-bones-to-plastic kind of crappy.
Sixteen-year-old Laurel’s world changes instantly when her parents and brother are killed in a terrible car accident. Behind the wheel is the father of her bad-boy neighbor, David Kaufman, whose mother is also killed. In the aftermath of the tragedy, Laurel navigates a new reality in which she and her best friend grow apart, boys may or may not be approaching her out of pity, overpowering memories lurk everywhere, and Mr. Kaufman is comatose but still very much alive. Through it all there is David, who swoops in and out of Laurel’s life and to whom she finds herself attracted against her better judgment. She will forever be connected to him by their mutual loss—a connection that will change them both in unexpected ways.

Hello everyone! I planned to do this review such a long time ago and now I am finally doing it! Sorry for the major delay, but let's get into it!

This book was so beautifully written, I don't think I can express how amazing it was. Right from the start, you get caught up in Jennifer Castle's writing and become really connected with Laurel. Unlike Me Since You by Laura Weiss which I read around the same time, this takes no time getting to the bad part. You're instantly emerged in the pain and shock of Laurel's life. I feel like the abrupt entrance into Laurel's life "after" what happened makes the message of her family's tragedy seem more shocking and you are left there hanging with Laurel. I have to say that I felt it lacked a bit in displaying the grieving process as compared to Me Since You, but at the same time, it shows a complete different way to combat grief. While Rowan (from Me Since You) seemed to wallow around in her grief, Laurel was a bit more active in trying to fight it off. Don't get me wrong, she did take a while, but I didn't get nearly as frustrated with her as I did with Rowan. Moving on the topic of romance, I felt like it was a bit underdeveloped. A relationship with Joe sounded really good, but at the same time, I couldn't shake the feeling that his actions were done out of pity. At the same time, David was way too mysterious and elusive for me to really get to know him. I felt like it was a bit cliched to see two characters bond over grief and end up together and what bothered me most was that I barely knew David. Other than that, I highly recommend y'all read The Beginning of After! Like I said before, it's really beautifully written and I just really love Laurel as a character. The ending was super uplifting and just really really beautiful. 

“It seemed like the only way to keep breathing was to focus on the here and now, moment by moment, keeping my mind frozen cold to anything else.” 

“That's the whole thing about grieving... It's part of the deal: You get to be alive and to love, but in exchange you also have to put in some serious hurt time.” 

“Then I closed my eyes.
That was it. That was Before. Now here we go into After.” 

“But if I can't change something, I don't waste energy on it.” 
4 out of 5 stars

Foreverly Obsessed,

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Blitz+Giveaway: Perfectly Broken

(Goodreads linked to picture)
Pages: 293
Date Released: March 25, 2014

Even after years of trauma therapy, Peyton still believes she’s broken. She has little desire to date or show off her natural beauty, content simply to hang out with her best friends and run her pie shop in New Orleans. But her world turns upside-down when a handsome architect and self-confessed player shows up in her shop and thinks she’s perfect, much more than the usual hook-up. While Peyton does her best to resist his charms, believing she could never be enough for him, she can’t deny the obvious heat between them. With Reed determined to have her, Peyton must decide whether to continue to hide behind her apron and baggy clothes or take a chance and share her scars with Reed, a man with a playboy reputation and scars of his own -- a dark past he can’t possibly share with Peyton, not after learning the horrors she’s endured. But if they can find a way to trust each other, and themselves, they just might be able to heal, to save each other, to live perfectly broken together.


Dr. Lorraine closed the chart again.  “Listen up!” she barked, startling her young patient.  “I know the game you play.  Reed doesn’t, so he left not realizing this is what you do.  Someone gets close to you, or you open up a little bit, and then you get scared, hide, look for a reason to push them away.”  Peyton’s eyes began to tear, and Dr. Lorraine handed her another tissue.  “The scared girl laying on the dirty ground helpless after losing her innocence.”

“Sometimes it’s better to push people away, so you don’t hurt them,” Peyton said, “and they don’t hurt you.”


Peyton shook her head.  “I’m never going to be whole again.”

“That’s bullshit, too.  I won’t have talk like that, Miss Peyton.  I just won’t have it.”  Dr. Lorraine cocked her head to the side.  “It’s time for a change in direction -- a serious change of direction.  This is what we are going to do.  You made a lot of progress with Reed – lots of good oral and other stuff.  But now you’ve cut him off, and I see you backsliding.  I don’t like to see it.  I won’t allow it.”  She stroked her chin then cracked her knuckles in preparation for some great declaration.  “I’m prescribing a little retail therapy.” 

“What?” Peyton cried.

“Yes, that’s what I’m prescribing.  You get that friend of yours, Quinn, and hit the shops – Canal Place, Magazine Street, St. Charles Avenue, wherever,” Dr. Lorraine ordered, her whole body bouncing.  “I don’t want to see you in those sad, baggy ass clothes anymore.  Just looking at them, they mess with my head, and they screw up my whole day.  You ever think about how they make me feel?”

“No,” Peyton said with a laugh.

“Makes me sad.  I hate them.  So I want new shoes, clothes, athletic wear, undergarments!  Everything new.  Got it?”

“How is this therapy?”

“Honey, you’re hiding again.  You’ve flipped your sex switch back to off, and I’m not about to let it hibernate in some frozen tundra again for years.  We’ve worked too damn hard.  You need to get in touch with your sexuality without a man helping you do it.  You have to do it.  And clothes are the perfect place to start.”

Peyton shrugged.  “I don’t feel like it.”

“You don’t feel like it?  Tough shit!  I didn’t feel like getting my pap smear last week, but I did.”

Peyton smiled.  “It just seems like a waste of time and money.”

“Well, if you don’t want to do it through clothes, I can prescribe something else.  Maybe a pole dancing class?”

“I don’t think so.”

“Or daily masturbation?”  

Peyton rolled her eyes.  “Fine, I’ll get the clothes.”

“Good,” Dr. Lorraine said, writing in Peyton’s chart, as if filling out a prescription to take to the drugstore.  “Among other things, I want you to get some power panties.”

“Power panties?”  Has she been talking to Bret?

“Sexy underwear,” Dr. Lorraine said, still writing.  “They can make a woman feel very powerful.”  She put down her pen and looked at Peyton.  “When a man wants to be taken seriously, he usually wears a red tie.  Ever notice that in presidential debates?  Lots of red ties.  Red is the color of power.”  Dr. Lorraine waved her hand and snapped her fingers.  “So get yourself some red panties, girl!  Take back your power!  Do it for yourself!”  She handed Peyton her prescription.

“I didn’t realize my power was in my underwear.”


Hey everybody! Perfectly Broken sounds super amazing and I'm really excited to get my hands on it. What are your thoughts about it? Let me know down below. For those entering, GOOD LUCK!!

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Mini Review: Sweet Evil

ISBN: 0062085611
Pages: 453

Embrace the Forbidden
What if there were teens whose lives literally depended on being bad influences?
This is the reality for sons and daughters of fallen angels.
Tenderhearted Southern girl Anna Whitt was born with the sixth sense to see and feel emotions of other people. She's aware of a struggle within herself, an inexplicable pull toward danger, but it isn't until she turns sixteen and meets the alluring Kaidan Rowe that she discovers her terrifying heritage and her willpower is put to the test. He's the boy your daddy warned you about. If only someone had warned Anna.
Forced to face her destiny, will Anna embrace her halo or her horns?

Hello guys! Welcome to my second mini review! I'm still working out how I want to format everything for these reviews, but for the time being, I'm going to keep everything the same. 

First off, I've heard so many good things about the Sweet Trilogy and the third book: Sweet Reckoning is coming out on April 29th this year. I haven't read many books dealing with the Nephilim, but I had a general idea about who and what they were. The beginning of the book recounts Anna's birth and it was actually kind of heartbreaking to read. Her mother dies because that's what happens when you birth a Nephilim, and her father gets arrested. Instead of being your typical goody two shoes, Anna is literally destined for evil which makes her a more complex character in my perspective. Kaidan on the other hand is 100% evil. The son of the Duke of Lust, he's someone that you are warned to avoid. At first, I didn't like Kaidan and Anna's relationship because he seemed so "bad" it didn't fit with her pure image. That, and the fact that Nephs were strictly forbidden to be together. After a while, I did start to like them better, but at this point they're not my favorite couple. One more thing to mention, the Dukes. Holy angels, they scare the heck out of me. That whole meeting and whisperers, and Anna, and angels, oh my freaking gods. (Had to get that out.) I am now fully in contact with the world of the Nephilim, and I have to say, Wendy Higgins did a really good job in creating the whole story and I honestly can't wait to finish the second book! (Yes, I'm currently reading it). Definitely recommend, it's a pretty exciting read. :)

(That accent tho...)

3.5 out of 5 stars

Foreverly Obsessed,

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Defining Destiny

Defining Destiny by Deanna Chase
ISBN: 9781940299129
Pages: 300

When destiny fails…
Singer-songwriter Lucy Moore thought her life was perfect. At just twenty-one, she’s already met her soul mate and together they’ve landed a recording contract. But when her father dies and the love of her life betrays her in more ways than one, she returns home to pick up the pieces. On the shores of Mendocino, California, Lucy has some decisions to make. Should she start a solo career? Or should she leave it all behind for some semblance of normalcy in the quiet town she grew up in? And what about Seth, the tortured artist who always seems to be there when she needs him?
Seth Keenan has demons of his own. Eighteen months ago, he was involved in a horrific accident that he never talks about. His career as an accomplished oil-paint artist has been abandoned, replaced by the buzz of his tattoo gun. And women—well, he never sticks around for longer than a few hours of pleasure… until he meets Lucy. After one evening of listening to her seductive voice, he’s pulled under. But what about the vow he made to never get close to anyone again?
In a world where everyone has one true soul mate, can these two find love in the arms of each other?

Hey everyone! Today I have the chance to review Defining Destiny which was given to me by Author's HQ so a big thanks to them for this opportunity. Anyway, let's not dawdle and get into the review!!

This book hooked me in from the very beginning. Right from the start, you are exposed to Lucy's emotions. The first word itself is Exhilaration which you'll find soon enough is replaced with extreme annoyance. There's no time for sweet words, Lucy is extremely p.o.ed with life and you get bombarded with her emotions which brings to technically to the heart of her character. Also from the start, I freaking hate Cadan. Not going easy on him, he can go dive off a cliff. I'm pretty sure you'll have the same reaction me. It just takes that much jerkiness to tick me off.

Okay, so moving on to the actual story. The whole "soul-mate" idea was really intriguing and I liked how it added a lot of depth to the characters. Let's just say this before I repeat it a million times. I loved how the characters were really well developed and deep. Back to the topic, to find your soul-mate meant to be interconnected with someone in some magical way. Many believe that it's also a call of marriage, but for some that's not the way it goes. At times I was annoyed with the soul-mate concept because that was the main reason Cadan kept coming back with all his crap. But other than that, it was just a really interesting concept that (again) added depth to the story.

Lucy and Seth have made it onto my list of new ships. Their relationship is so delicate and built purely on emotion. Lucy is really mad at life and Seth is wallowing in his ocean of grief. Of course they'd be perfect together! In Lucy, Seth finds new inspiration to pick up his pencil to draw again. In Seth, Lucy finds someone to lean against when the world is falling apart, knowing that whatever happens he'll stand by her side. I'm a sucker for romances, and Deanna Chase perfected their love story in a lot of aspects.

I'm going to annoy you (person reading this) by repeating myself: The DEPTH of the CHARACTERS! Why am I mentioning this? Well, because at the end of the book, I didn't want it to be over. I absolutely flat out loved the ending, but I desperately didn't want to let go of the characters. I didn't care much for the plot, but the characters really grew on me and I ended up really really really loving them. I would definitely recommend this to any romance fans out there because I guarantee you, the characters will make your heart sing. That's it for my review loves, hope you guys enjoyed and leave a comment below telling me what your favorite genre is. See y'all around~~
3.5 out of 5 stars

Foreverly Obsessed,

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Cover Reveal: Prophecy of the Most Beautiful by Diantha Jones

(Oracle of Delphi #1) 
Publication date: March 1st 2012

Genres: Fantasy, Mythology, Young Adult

She has a destiny so great that even the gods fear her.
Constant hallucinations and the frequent conversations with the voices in her head, have earned eighteen-year-old Chloe Clever the not-so-coveted title of “Whack Job” in her home town of Adel, Georgia. With the onslaught of prescription medications and therapists threatening to push her over the edge, she wishes for a life far away from the one she has, a life where she is destined to be more than the butt of everyone’s jokes and mockery.
Be careful what you wish for has never rung more true.
After living through an attack from her worst nightmare, she awakens to find herself far from home, surrounded by glorious riches and servants…and a few demigods who enjoy killing things. Upon learning that her favorite rockstar is an Olympian god, she is thrust into her new life as the Oracle of Delphi, the prophesier of the future, and the great Pythia that the gods have been anxiously awaiting to arrive for centuries. Setting out to fulfill the prophecy she has been given and to keep her family safe from a demigod Princess that wants her dead, Chloe learns of how great she is to become, all the while fighting mythical monsters, evading divine assassins and trying to outwit the ever-cunning Greek gods who harbor secrets of their own. In the hopes of discovering the Most Beautiful and the truth of her destiny, she strives to uncover the mysteries of the demigod Prince who has sworn to protect her with his life…and threatens to win her heart in the process.

About the Author:

Diantha was born on Thanksgiving Day so that explains why her mother calls her a "turkey." She spent the first 16 years of her life as an official Army brat (now she's a retired one), and has spent the last twelve years living in Georgia (Atlanta, then Savannah). She now resides in Washington D.C. She loves to read and watch movies (Quentin Tarantino is her fave director), and she loves cold weather and french fries (with cheese if possible).

Author links: 

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Mini-Review: Anxious Hearts

ISBN: 978-0-8109-8718-0
Pages: 242
“Evangeline,” he repeated, calling at a whisper. “Evangeline.” He was not calling that she may hear, he was calling that somehow her soul might know that he was devoted entirely to her, only to her. “Evangeline, I will find you.”
Eva and Gabe explore the golden forest of their seaside Maine town, unknowingly tracing the footsteps of two teens, Evangeline and Gabriel, who once lived in the idyllic wooded village of Acadia more than one hundred years ago. On the day that Evangeline and Gabriel were be wed, their village was attacked and the two were separated. And now in the present, Gabe has mysteriously disappeared from Eva.
A dreamlike, loose retelling of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow’s famous love poem “Evangeline,” Anxious Hearts tells an epic tale of unrequited love and the hope that true love can be reunited.

Hey everyone! So I've decided to try something a bit different and that is Mini Reviews! Basically they're a regular review but condensed into one paragraph. I have so many books to read/review that I don't have time to sit down and write full reviews for all. I'm planning on doing these type of reviews for kind of middle ground books for me, but currently I am really swamped so I might have a couple 3.5-4 star books that'll get mini reviews. BUT the plan once things slow down is 3 star books = mini reviews. With that being said, yes this was a middle ground 3 star book in my opinion. So let's get into the review!

To be completely honest, this book did not live up to my expectations. The summary had it sounding like some enchanting retelling, but in my point of view, it was a pretty shallow love story with a bit too much mush. I read about 4-5 chapters and had to put it down because I couldn't really get into the story. (I did pick it up to finish later, but this was not a one-sitting, super compelling book.) Anxious Hearts is divided between 2 points of views: Eva in the present day and Gabriel 200 years earlier. My problem with the present day couple was that they were very flat and you didn't really know much about them other than the fact that they were in love. Gabriel and Evangeline (200 years earlier) had a sort of haunting love story that was just flat out creepy. Let me explain: Gabriel likes to watch Evangeline work and sketches her without her noticing because she's just that beautiful. Evangeline is depicted as this beautiful girl but her actions and personality screams spooky. In regards to the writing, it was very pretty. I fell in love with the prologue and epilogue because the poetic language and writing style was just so beautiful. The story itself was pretty, but not exactly my cup of tea. The cover though, let me tell you! That cover is absolutely breathtaking. The formatting of the pages and chapters inside are also pretty amazing. Overall, this book was generally really pretty but "hollow," if you get what I mean. 
Full front/back cover:
3 out of 5 stars
Foreverly Obsessed,

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Blitz+Giveaway: Upside Down by Lia Riley

Hey guys! So I think this is our last giveaway of the week. Super sorry that I am really behind in reviews cause I'm currently swamped in school work and since the blitzes have a specific time frame around them, they have to go up first. I will be posting them as scheduled so they'll slip in between all these blitz posts whenever I finish them. I'll have a post or something that'll let you guys know that they're up! Anyway, let's get on to the fun stuff!

(Goodreads linked to picture)
ISBN: 1455585718 
Pages: ??
Publication Date: August 5, 2014
Amazon            Barnes and Noble

“Never have I ever worn handcuffs,” I say.
Bran reaches over, yanks the lid off the water bottle and takes a sip.
“Really?” My stomach lurches at the idea of another girl within five feet of him.
“Once. Wasn’t for me. I prefer more control, you know?”
“Nope—not really.” My sex life is shorter than a haiku. I bite my inner cheek and pretend not to notice his gaze slant toward me. “All right, Kink Boy, your turn.”
“Never have I ever done something I regret.”
I giggle but he looks dead serious. “Wow, that must make you alone in the universe.” I take a drink.
“Your smile, it lights up your whole face, but your eyes stay sad.”
Is he being serious or is this yet another bait? “Never have I ever sleepwalked.”
Bran drinks. “When I was eight, my neighbors woke to me in their bedroom. Don’t remember a thing. Lucky they didn’t call the coppers.”
“Whoa, crazy. Do you still do it?”
“Sometimes. Lock your door tonight. Let’s see. . .never have I ever shot a gun.”
I don’t drink.
“Isn’t that Anti-American?”
“I’m a pacifist. Never have I ever kissed in the rain.”
“This is the single most depressing fact I’ve ever heard.” He drinks.
“Hence my sad eyes.”
Traffic starts moving. I hang my hand out the window and hot wind blows through my fingers.
I stiffen. No one ever calls me that except for my mom. “How’d you know my full name?”
“Read the luggage tag on your bag—Natalia Stolfi.”
 “Oh, right.” I shake my head and regroup. “Is it true you have no regrets, not even one?” Hopefully he has no idea how serious I am about his response.
“There’s no point.” His fingers tighten infinitesimally on the wheel. “The past is past. End of story.”
“Like whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger?”
“No, that’s a dumb ass cliché. I mean there’s no meaning to life, despite what people pretend. Once I figured that out, everything got easier.”
“Has anyone ever said you are intense?”
“Since the day I was born.”

a Rafflecopter giveaway


Lia Riley writes offbeat New Adult Romance. After studying at the University of Montana-Missoula, she scoured the world armed only with a backpack, overconfidence and a terrible sense of direction. She counts shooting vodka with a Ukranian mechanic in Antarctica, sipping yerba mate with gauchos in Chile and swilling fourex with stationhands in Outback Australia among her accomplishments.

A British literature fanatic at heart, Lia considers Mr. Darcy and Edward Rochester as her fictional boyfriends. Her very patient husband doesn't mind. Much. When not torturing heroes (because c'mon, who doesn't love a good tortured hero?), Lia herds unruly chickens, camps, beach combs, daydreams about as-of-yet unwritten books, wades through a mile-high TBR pile and schemes yet another trip. Right now, Icelandic hot springs and Scottish castles sound mighty fine.

She and her family live mostly in Northern California.
So hope you guys are physched! This sounds super awesome and I can't wait for it to come out!! For those joining the giveaway: GOOD LUCK!! ♥
Foreverly Obsessed,Riv

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Me Since You

ISBN: 1439193975
Pages: 368

Are there any answers when someone you love makes a tragic choice?
Before and After. That's how Rowan Areno sees her life now. Before: she was a normal sixteen-year-old--a little too sheltered by her police officer father and her mother. After: everything she once believed has been destroyed in the wake of a shattering tragedy, and every day is there to be survived.
If she had known, on that Friday in March when she cut school, that a random stranger's shocking crime would have traumatic consequences, she never would have left campus. If the crime video never went viral, maybe she could have saved her mother, grandmother--and herself--from the endless replay of heartache and grief.
Finding a soul mate in Eli, a witness to the crime who is haunted by losses of his own, Rowan begins to see there is no simple, straightforward path to healing wounded hearts. Can she learn to trust, hope, and believe in happiness again?

Hey guys! Finally have a review up. This was originally going to be combined with my review for The Beginning of After by Jennifer Castle, but I haven't started on that yet and I already had this done. I think we've all had enough of seeing blitz posts am I right? Anyway, welcome to my second book review for NetGalley! Super duper excited to share with you this beautiful story that definitely invoked some serious emotion and tears with me. Let's get into it!

I seem to be having a trend with my genre of books recently even though I generally avoid emotionally wrecking books because I'm a pretty sensitive reader and I can tear up quite easily. Yet, I just felt so drawn to this story, I just couldn't resist. 

First of all, what I loved about this book was that we didn't start off in a pit. The story starts with Rowan living her life as a regular teenager doing what teenagers do. Skip school. With that type of beginning, you get to see Rowan as a regular character before this huge hurricane blows into her life. This allows a small connection to be established so that when that massive hurricane arrives you don't feel detached, but completely part of every single moment in her life. Essentially, you become her and experience everything. The other thing I want to mention, the writing. Omgawds, the writing is so amazing and close to flawless. It really just brings out those emotions within and just makes you want to cry. 

One of the things that I found the most faulty was the length. When I mentioned hurricane, I wasn't kidding. Rowan went through a lot of crap in this book and after a while, you feel like enough is enough. It's like the author had a full bag of the worst things that could happen to a character, picked out a few, and just threw them straight at Rowan's face. That's not to say it was clichéd or anything. Everything logically makes sense, but like I said before, the writing just amplifies it so it feels anything but clichéd. 

Then again, on the bright side to the length, you got to see Rowan heal. Towards the late 2/3 of the book, there are excerpts of Rowan's grief journal and it gives an in depth view of Rowan and her feelings towards everything that is going on. The grief journal holds a lot of emotion and they just really open up those floodgates. The ending to the story is happy, I'll give you that much and I'm so glad that it is because I couldn't take one more sad thing. The ending is really, truly very beautiful and a wonderful conclusion.

Definitely recommend, go give it a try, but be sure to keep tissues nearby :) 

Grief...You can't hide from it/ There is no over, under, or around it. No avoiding. It will stay until you make your way through it.

Never deprive someone of hope; it may be all they have.

Death slew not him, but he made death his ladder to the skies.

Death knows exactly how to break your heart, over and over again.

Greif numbs me, protects me; shields go up and come down again inch by inch, only allowing me to see as much of my wretched new reality as I can handle at the time.

All those stars up there, shining so bright, and so many already dead.

The beginning of the healing, I mean, because me and mom are starting to reach for each other across the empty space you left between us and every new moment we share that's just us changes something, makes the would seem just a bit smaller and just a little less hurtful.

Not defeat Dad. Understanding and acceptance. And in the end, isn't that all any of us can try for anyway?

3.5 out of 5 stars

Foreverly Obsessed,

Blitz+Giveaway: Impervious by Heather Letto

Hello hello! So, guess what? I've got another book blitz and giveaway for you guys!! Today I present to you, IMPERVIOUS by HEATHER LETTO! (Also, I've come up with a new format for blitzes so I have little notes to clear things up!!)

(Goodreads is linked to picture)
Pages: 302
ISBN: 0991477812
Date of Release: April 29, 2014

The residents of Impervious are the remnant—the survivors of the War of Annihilation. And though the city is chockfull of pleasures to tantalize and entertain, a beast lurks in the corners, haunting the residents with its presence. 
The Beast—a mysterious and terminal illness killed off most of Generations One, Two, and Three. And as Gen-Four prepares to take the stage, a provocative, yet questionable, new method to avoid an untimely death incites a cultural rage. 
But Fran lives counter-culture, off the grid in true rebel fashion. With a life far from opulent, she scurries through dark tunnels, searching for hot meals with Pete while ditching the holographic security team. To her, it’s a healthy trade-off. Unaccountability means The Council can’t steal her sliver of hope―a belief that she’ll see The Epoch arrive before The Beast can pull her into its fetid embrace. 
After losing her mother and then her Rebel mentor, Fran stumbles upon a miraculous discovery that may save the residents of Impervious. That is, if she can outrun The Beast… 



Hi all! Heather Letto here with a funny story-- I sent Fran an email not too long ago, asking if she wouldn’t mind making an appearance for today’s big cover reveal. She said, sure… if I was willing to throw a few donuts and a Big Gulp into the kitty.
So, sitting with me today, fresh out of the Impervious air vents, with a box of Dunkin’s finest in her lap, would you welcome Gen-Four’s most elusive Rebel, Fran Monde.

Fran (Waving a chocolate cake donut dipped in sprinkles): Hey.
Heather: Do you mind if I call you Fran or do you prefer Frannie?
Fran: (Stuffs donut into her mouth and rolls her eyes.)
Heather: Great. Fran it is. So let’s start with your hometown, Fran. Although it wasn’t your favorite place, I’m sure the readers would love to hear about the city. What can you tell us about the lifestyle of an Impervieite (and yours before you became a Rebel)?
Fran: Well, you might notice as you thumb through my story, food plays a pretty central role in the lives of underground dwellers. 
Heather: Duly noted. Why is that?
Fran: (Shrugs) I’m not sure how to explain it. I was just always hungry underground.
Heather: And obviously still are. (chuckles)
Fran: (Snarky laugh.) Maybe it’s because there’s really not much to do. It’s kind of boring actually. I spent a lot of my free time as a kid just wandering the Agora, snacking, gaming… that’s about it.
Heather: Hmm. Fair enough. What about Pete?
Fran: (Stuffs the remainder of the donut into her mouth and licks each finger) What about him?
Heather: Like him?
Fran: Duh.
Heather: Love him?
Fran: Sheesh. No comment. (Grabs second donut.)
Heather: Okay, how about that weird name your brother called you? Some sort of worm?
Fran: Wickworm?
Heather: Yes, that’s it. What’s that all about?
Fran: Well, if you Google the word, you’d see that A Wickworm is a worm, or parasite, that lives in the intestines of an animal. You may not be aware of this, but the air vents of impervious are kind of like the guts of the city… therefore—
Heather: Ah yes…. You’d be the worm.
Fran: Exactly. (Winks at me.)
Heather: Listen, I know you don’t have a lot of time here today, but I do have one final question that I think a lot of the readers would want to know.
Fran (Nods her head) I’m listening.
HeatherRetter. Is there a crush happening there?
Fran: (Face blossoms into a cherry) Nah. Ret’s just a guy. Well, a very muscular guy. With tawny eyes….
Heather: (snapping fingers) Hello? You still with us, Fran?
Fran: I gotta go. (grabs box of donuts and stomps off).
Heather: Well, there you have it. The elusive Rebel. Don’t let her fool ya… she really is a softie. 

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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Blitz+Giveaway: The Boyfriend List by Renee Novelle

Hey guys, I think this is going to end up being a "Blitz" week. >.< I may have gotten a bit too excited after finding out about book blitzes. Hope y'all don't mind. EmojiEmoji Anyway, let's go!!

(Goodreads linked to Cover)
ISBN: 1495346862
Pages: 252
Release Date: February 10, 2014

The Boyfriend List follows twenty-year-old Reagan in her quest for the perfect relationship after a somewhat tragic spring break breakup leaves her disillusioned about love… again.
Reagan had always prided herself on making levelheaded, practical, analytical decisions about everything. Everything, that is, except where guys are concerned. Which was proven to her, once again, when her “boyfriend” opts to take another girl on their oh-so-romantic trip to his lake house. In order to prevent future heartbreak, she creates a checklist of all the qualities she wants in a man, and vows not to give her heart away again until she can determine if they fit every last criteria.
After scouring campus with her two best friends in her tricky journey, her detective work returns a pile of unworthy rejects, and it seems as though her choices are narrowed down to only two options: the hot stranger who’s inspired her new project, and her best guy friend Ian, who she’s always kept at bay due to his perceived playboy reputation.
Reagan gets more than she bargained for with her new set of rules, however, and is surprised to find that love, and the perfect boyfriend, may have been within reach the entire time. But will Ian’s reputation ruin his chances to prove his worth? And can Reagan let go of her insecurities long enough to even give him a chance?
The Boyfriend List is a light, New Adult romance about friendship, trust, and learning to let go in order to embrace what real love can offer.

**Q&A with Renee Novelle**

Where are you from originally?

Originally I was born in the tiny little town of Ashland, Kentucky. But we moved pretty quickly, and I grew up almost all of my life in Gainesville, Florida (Go Gators!). Living in a city that kind of revolves around the college there, and is comprised of mostly college students gave me some great material for my upcoming New Adult stories.

Tell us your latest news?

I’m so, so excited to have just released my first New Adult romance! I had so much fun writing this book, and I really hope that readers will be able to connect with the characters. I had originally planned it as a single title, but I’ve received so many requests asking for more of Reagan and Ian that I’ve decided to turn it into a trilogy! I’m really excited to explore the next step in their journey together.

Where do you get your ideas?

It depends on what genre I’m writing in. Sometimes they come from real life events and experiences. Other times they’re inspired by pieces of a news story I’ve heard or something in the community. But lately my muse likes to drop them into my head at 3am while I’m trying to sleep.

What is your writing process?

I generally tend to think of the title first (I work backwards like that), and then form the general concept of the story around that. I sit on this for weeks, months, even years in some instances until I feel like I know the story and characters well enough to plot the whole thing out. After writing a detailed outline, I start the first draft and edit as I go. Then I give it one or two more edits before passing it on to my proof readers/beta readers. I tend to write quickly, so once I have an outline and commit to writing a story, I usually have it done in 2-3 months.

Are any of your characters based on real-life friends or acquaintances?

I think I pull aspects of personalities from my real-life friends, but there isn’t a character that is completely someone I know. I based a lot of Ian’s characteristics, the way he loves and his attentiveness to those he cares about, around the person I’m in love with. They’re very much alike in that regard. And I’ve had friends like Petra in the past who are so outgoing and confident in every situation.

Do you ever incorporate yourself into your characters?

Absolutely! I think as a writer it’s hard not to. You want the characters to be relatable and feel real, so I’m constantly giving them my own insecurities and strengths, and relying on my own experiences to portray a particular moment. But even more than that, I often find that my characters are enjoying my favourite type of coffee or tea, or that the color nail polish that I’m wearing as I write a scene is the color they’re wearing as well.

Tell us about your cover. Did you design it yourself and if you did where did you get the inspiration?

I designed the overall concept and feel of the cover, but I worked very closely with a professional graphic artist to bring it all together. I understand my limitations, and I think it’s very beneficial to utilize professionals whenever possible. And I enjoy the collaboration of working with someone else, bouncing ideas off each other and watching the process of the image coming to life.

Coffee or Tea?

Coffee!!! I live for caffeine. But a nice cup of tea helps me unwind after a long day of writing.

What do you do outside of writing?

I also still write as a freelance journalist for magazines. But when I’m NOT writing, I enjoy the beach, going to concerts or musicals, trying a new restaurant, or exploring a new city. Since I spend so much time at my desk, I really enjoy activities that will get me outside and active.

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