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Bump in the Night Book Tag

Hello everyone! Happy Halloween! I was originally going to post my reviews for the first two book of the Lockwood & Co. series but school got hectic, quarterlys started coming, and I didn't get to finish them in time. But no worries! I thought I'd do the Bump in the Night Tag which was extremely popular last year on BookTube. Let's go~~

1) Which are your favourite supernatural/horror/scary characters to read about? (e.g. vampires, werewolves, witches, monsters, serial killers, murderers etc).
First question and I'm already stuck...For supernatural, I'd probably have to say witches or some sort of shapeshifter, not necessarily only the werewolf. For horror...serial killers, you gotta love the shiver they give you. 
2) Which scene from any book would be your ultimate nightmare to have been part of?
I can't remember the name of the book, but in 8th grade I read a serial killer novel where the killer would kill his/her victims using their greatest fear and then recreate the scene on a computer RPG game. To die by my greatest fear is not something I look forward to..
3) If you could visit and explore any one scary or evil setting which would you pick and why?
Any haunted castle would be nice...the castle from Cruel Beauty by Rosamund Hodge. It's got a ton of winding passage ways that are bound to get you lost! 
4) Which book was so frighteningly terrible that you almost fell asleep for eternity trying to finish it?
I haven't actually fallen asleep to a book before...oh wait, I have. Moby Dick by Herman Melville. 
(Isn't this perfect?)
5) Name one book you wish you could pull certain pages out of and swap for others to make it better?
Before I say which book it is, let me just say that I adored this book. The ending, not so much, even after finding out that it was going to be trilogy...The Ice Massacre by Tiana Warner. I just wanted something less head dropping, my heart literally dropped to the floor because of that last sentence which was super climatic and then...end. 
6) If you could turn any 'bad or evil' character into a good character, who would you pick and why?
I don't have an answer for this...usually for bad characters, I like that they're bad because they give me someone to hate on...
*after scrolling through Goodreads*
LUCIANA ROSETTI from the Company of Angels series by Stephanie Chong
I think we broke through with her but we don't know for sure. Where is the third book????? 

Quick fire round:
1) Favourite vampire character?
Lucy from Incarnation by Emma Cornwall
2) Favourite werewolf character?
Wolf from the Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer
3) Favourite witch character?
Miranda from the Shadow Fall Series by CC Hunter
4) Favourite monster character?
The Kala-Azar from Hatch by James Stevens - they're these slug things that when they are killed scream and for some reason I can't help but laugh when they get scorched...
5) Favourite ghost character?
Anna from Anna Dressed In Blood by Kendare Blake!
6) Favourite serial killer/murderer character?
The mermaids from the Ice Massacre by Tiana Warner - technically they are mass murderesses...techincally

So that's it! I hope you guys enjoyed the tag and have a Happy Halloween!!

Foreverly Obsessed,

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TOUR STOP: Tell Me My Name

Pages: 65
Source: Mark My Words Publicity

In Mary Fan's second novella, a girl wakes up in an icy cell, alone and frightened. She has no memory of who she is or how she came to be there. 
She does know that she must get out, at all costs. And that escape must start with remembering the simple things – her own name. Her place of origin. Her possible powers. 
When a group of dark magicians reveal themselves to be her captors, she finds herself in the clutches of those who will stop at nothing to uncover the secrets locked within her lost memories. With her life fading under their merciless spells, the need to escape becomes dire. 
But can she get out when she doesn’t even know who she is? Can she count on one unlikely ally for help? Or is it already too late for her, a girl without a name?

Hey everyone! Welcome to my tour stop for the Storytime book tour hosted by Mark My Words Publicity. I had the opportunity to choose one book to review for my tour stop so I went with Tell Me My Name by Mary Fan which is a prequel novella for her upcoming Fated Stars series coming out in 2015. Let's get into the review!!

Tell Me My Name is one of the most beautifully written books I've ever read. From the beginning to the end, the language has a beautiful lilt to it that allows you to imagine the icy prison the girl is locked in. The air of mystery that surrounds the story is quite captivating and something that I've never encountered before. Why must it only be 65 pages and why must I have to wait for the first book to come out??

As a novella that introduces a new series, I'd say that it did a pretty spectacular job. I had no idea who the girl was until the very last moment when it was revealed. I loved the little hints that kept you guessing but still confused you out of your mind because nothing you could think of connected with the hints. The main character is innocent and even though she has this air of naivety surrounding her, you are still able to connect with her on some level - feeling her pain, frustration, and distraught at being stuck in a prison. 

The magical elements of the story are really interesting and it's not surprising to say that I want to know more. Obviously, not everything is going to be revealed in the novella, but it did a good job at giving you a taste of what is to come. The Sorci, as far as I'm concerned right now, are evil cloaked people who need to invest in a heating system because even I felt cold just reading the book. Dorian, I'm assuming he's going to become either the love interest or the best friend in the book. So far, I'm approving of him, but again, I want to know more.

My biggest problem was the length. You can't just leave me like this without giving me more. Definitely recommend, I can't wait until the first book comes out and I (im)patiently wait for it's release day. 
3.5 out of 5 stars 

Foreverly Obsessed,

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TOUR STOP: Street Food and Love

Pages: 267
Source: Xpresso Book Tours

Sole Eaby, seventeen, has a few complaints he’d like to lodge against life, the main one being that his dad, Cedro, has recently quit his job and withdrawn his entire life savings, which included Sole’s college fund. Why? To launch a food truck business he knows nothing about.
To cope, Sole uses his knifelike wit to moonlight as a stand-up comedian, and so far, it’s paying off. He’s not only replenishing his college treasury, he’s making people laugh; but it’s one person in particular he performs for. Her name is Ava. When the fated bond of humor joins the two, and they begin a sort of quasi-romance, things begin to seem somewhat bearable. Of course, that’s when an ill-timed event decides to put another spin on things. Just when Sole is ready to move on with his own life and disconnect himself from his father and the family business, he suddenly finds himself in charge of the food truck he desperately loathes. Here is where Sole must realize that the answers to love and life are not to be found apart but, rather, are more like a savory recipe: only by combining the ingredients will the wonderful flavors reveal themselves. When comedy isn’t enough, the future seems ever bleak, and a fledgling love has barely had a chance to bloom, where will Sole turn?

Hey everyone! Welcome to my tour stop for the Street Food and Love tour. This book caught wt my attention simply from the title which sounded super interesting. Let's just get into the review~
Street Food and Love is one of those books that just makes you smile with it's wit and sarcastic comments. Fitting since our main character Sole is quite the comedian and you get to see him perform his various skits throughout the book. The characters are unique and interesting, I'm definitely a fan of Ava and Sole. I mean, their relationship is so adorable and funny, who wouldn't like that?
Sole is one of the best narrators I've ever encountered. We get to see the world through the eyes of a snarky teenager which is always fun. He never fails to surprise you with him comebacks and keeps you waiting for his next smart comment. His comedic armor protects his emotions. At times, his comedic skits may seem a bit chauvinistic and I will admit that I'm not a huge fan of his skits on women and our "excuses" about our inability to lose weight. Despite that, throughout the book, Sole does grow considerably as a character. At the beginning, he is a bitter person with a lot of anger towards the world and towards his father, yet as the story progresses and various events occur, Sole realizes that the more he holds on to his bitterness, the more acerbic he becomes. As a character he is just so full of depth and dimension which was awesome. Seriously...awesome.
Ava on the other hand wasn't my favorite person in the world. Again I have the problem where the main female protagonist is way to good to be true. She was great in helping Sole grow and develop as a character, but half the time she was pretty much an angel. She accepted some things that Sole said to her without so much as a blink of an eye. Okay, just to clarify, I don't dislike Ava, but she was lacked the dimension that Sole had. I think after being exposed to much to Sole, I wanted the same depth in Ava. Nonetheless, she did some great things in the book that really helped Sole overcome his bitterness for the world.
You'd think from the title, that street food would play a big part in the story. At the beginning, it really didn't. The first half of the book focused more on Sole's comedic career and his character development and I'll admit I was a bit disappointed by that, but the second part of the novel definitely made for it as Sole begins to confront his situation and get over his anger towards his father. One other thing that confused me was Sole's ex girlfriend who just randomly popped up all over the story. I never thought street comedians had such an appeal as opposed to football players with a NFL future. She just added a lot of unnecessary drama to the story.
Overall, I did enjoy the book a lot. I can't count how many times I've laughed reading Sole's dialogue as well as the times that I've felt tears from being moved by Sole's character development. While the title sounds a bit like a fluffy contemporary, it's far from it. There is so much character development, I can't even stress how amazing it was.

3.75 out of 5 stars
Foreverly Obsessed,

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TOUR STOP: Divinicus Nex Chronicles

Demons at DeadnightDrop Dead Demons
(Goodreads linked to covers)

Summary: Demons at Deadnight
For seventeen-year-old Aurora Lahey, survival is a lifestyle. 
Aurora has the crappiest superpower on the planet. And it's just unleashed a hit squad from hell. Demons are on the hunt, salivating to carve her carcass into confetti. 
The Hex Boys--mysterious, hunky, and notorious for their trails of destruction--have the answers Aurora needs to survive. But their overload of deadly secrets and suspicious motives makes trusting them a potentially fatal move. 
The battle to save her family, herself, and stop demonic domination may cost Aurora everything worth living for, and force her to reveal her own dark secrets. But no worries. She needs the Hex Boys to pull this off, and, chances are, teaming up with these guys will get her killed anyway. 

Summary: Drop Dead Demons
Survival. It's an on-going battle.
Aurora Lahey finally knows why supernatural slayers salivate to slaughter her, but how to stop them? Not so much. Sure, she's discovered her own lethal powers, and has six sexy, super-charged, demon hunting Hex Boys watching her back--the hottest one watching every part of her. But when a seductive stranger delivers a deadly ultimatum, Aurora and the Hex Boys plunge into a do-or-die hunt for a legendary Mandatum treasure, which will finally shift power in their favor. Or unleash hell on earth.
Pursued by demons of mythical proportions, Aurora and the Hex Boys race deeper into the shadowy world of a centuries-old mystery and brutal conspiracy, where no one and nothing is what it seems. Where love and betrayal go hand-in-hand, and trusting the wrong person not only breaks your heart, but gets you killed.
Uncovering shocking secrets from the Hex Boys' past, hiding her Divinicus Nex identity, lying to her pretend-wish-he-were-real boyfriend, dodging demons, breaking into ancient tombs, taking the unexpected side trip to the dark depths of the Waiting World, tracking a traitor, and passing Physics...Aurora could do that in her sleep. Or more likely, die trying.

Hello everyone! Welcome to my tour stop for the Divinicus Nex Chronicles! I was lucky enough to get the authors A&E Kirk to answer some questions so let's get into those: 

How did you come up with the ideas that shaped the Chronicles?
Alyssa: I got bored in my mountain town, daydreamed that there was a huge demon invasion and an insanely hot guy helped save the town. But how would we find the demons? Well someone would have to have psychic link to demons that allows her to track them. But then she would be totally helpless against the demons so she’d need some kick-butt, incredibly sexy help. And my imagination kept spiraling from there.

Out of all the characters, who speaks out to you the most?
Eileen: As a mom, Mrs. Lahey’s overprotective nature speaks out loud and clear, just like the character. When she’s on the speakers at the school in Demons at Deadnight, I was thinking, that is totally what a mom would want to do, but wouldn’t because she’d know her kids would kill her. What I love about Gemma Lahey is that she does that stuff anyway. As for main characters, it would probably be Matthias. I get his dark broody nature, his struggle dealing who he was, who he is now, and who he’d like to be.
Alyssa: Aurora speaks to me most. I aspire to be like her, the brave just go for it type. I’m checking out some martial arts classes so I can be kick-butt as she is!

Are there any challenges to writing with another person?
Luckily, for the most part, we have similar tastes and ideas about the story, but we do run into conflicts. We talk it through and come to some sort of compromise. We write different scenes and if one of us writes something out of the blue that we didn’t discuss and it sends the rest of the book in another direction, we can have a problem. The Hex Boys, Aurora, and her family, we both know well. It’s usually with new characters that we may differ on what they’d think and do.  

Favorite movies?
We have the exact same tastes in movies! Although we did just see the Maze Runner and I (Alyssa) loved it, but while Mom (Eileen) liked it she thought it was a bit slow. She has a short attention span. But our top picks are:
Older ones: Princess Bride, Titanic, Sound of Music, Star Wars (older ones),
Recent: The Avengers (and any of the marvel character movies)
X-men Series
Hunger Games Series
Star Trek (especially Into Darkness because of Benedict Cumberbach who stars as Sherlock on our Favorite TV Series!)
The Fault in Our Stars
Guardians of the Galaxy  (omg, we died laughing watching that baby!)

What is your favorite quote from the books?
Alyssa’s Fave:
I launched into a graceful ninja-like front roll, then stood my ground to face the monstrous heathen, fearless in my determination to vanquish the deadly foe.
Nah, just kidding. I bolted, discretion being the better part of not getting dead.
Alyssa: This one Eileen wrote. I was reading it and thinking, “Wow, Aurora’s really a tough—Oh. Hahaha!”
Eileen’s Fave:
“You’re telling me you’re not worried about your daughter hanging out with six boys and dating one of them who looks at her with that look?”
My brow creased. “What look?”
“Oh please,” Aunt M scoffed. “That look. And not to mention that smile. Hungry,” she growled the word, “and hot enough to make a nun’s panties spontaneously combust.”
            Eileen: Aunt M always cracks me up!

If the Divinicus Nex Chronicles was turned into a movie, who would you cast for Aurora?
Shelley Hennig. We saw her a while ago on Secret Circle and thought she’d be great. She’s currently on Teen Wolf  (MTV) as Malia the were-coyote, and girlfriend of Stiles who we adore. We also adore Tyler Hoechlin (Derek) who is one of the huge reasons we watch the show. Derek and Stiles. So awesome…sigh. Wait, what were we talking about?   

Thanks so much for answer the questions~! 

It’s been so fun! Thanks for having us! 

So that is it for the interview but we're not done! The authors and tour host are giving away some awesome prizes! 

Giveaway Info:
Each week of this tour will feature a unique Divinicus Nex prize package giveaway, so be sure to follow along for more chances to win! The weekly prize packs:

WEEK 1: Choice of ebook (book 1 or 2), celtic cross necklace, feather hair clips
WEEK 2: Choice of ebook, (1 or 2), Signed Hex Boy Heaven Poster,  Love letter from a Hex boy
WEEK 3: Choice of ebook (1 or 2), Signed Hex Boy Poster, Divinicus Nex earrings
WEEK 4: Choice of ebook (1 or 2), Hex Boy Heaven Mug

Tour-Wide Giveaway: One lucky winner will receive a grand prize package consisting of a $100 Amazon gift card AND the chance to name a character in the third installment!

At each tour stop you will find a daily question. To be eligible to win the grand prize, you must answer at least 4 different daily questions. So go and visit the other tour stops, check the amazing content and answer the daily question!

Here's a list of all the stops:
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Find the authors here!
 Find A & E Find them online Website | Twitter Alyssa | Twitter Eileen | Facebook | Pinterest

Daily Question:
Jayden is a literal genius who uses lots of obscure words that you usually only see on SAT tests. What word would you use to impress Jayden (or even try to stump him!) and what does it mean?

Good luck to everyone!! 

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Hey everyone! So I got the amazing opportunity from Entangled Teen to release the Book of Ivy Trailer for you guys. Check it out!!

Link to the trailer
(The HTML to the video didn't fit, so here's the link)


After a brutal nuclear war, the United States was left decimated. A small group of survivors eventually banded together, but only after more conflict over which family would govern the new nation. The Westfalls lost. Fifty years later, peace and control are maintained by marrying the daughters of the losing side to the sons of the winning group in a yearly ritual.
This year, it is my turn.
My name is Ivy Westfall, and my mission is simple: to kill the president’s son—my soon-to-be husband—and return the Westfall family to power.
But Bishop Lattimer is either a very skilled actor or he’s not the cruel, heartless boy my family warned me to expect. He might even be the one person in this world who truly understands me. But there is no escape from my fate. I am the only one who can restore the Westfall legacy.
Because Bishop must die. And I must be the one to kill him…

Buy links:

About Amy Engel:
Amy Engel was born in Kansas and after a childhood spent bouncing between countries (Iran, Taiwan) and states (Kansas, California, Missouri, Washington, D.C.), she settled in Kansas City, Missouri where she lives with her husband and two kids. Before devoting herself full time to motherhood and writing, she was a criminal defense attorney, which is not quite as exciting as it looks on TV. When she has a free moment, she can usually be found reading, running, or shoe shopping.
Find Amy online: 

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TOUR STOP: Eventide

ISBN: 978-1502485861
Pages: 368
Source: YA Bound

The driver in a tragic car accident that killed her best friend, Devon Greer is consumed by guilt. When powerful hallucinations convince her that she’s seeing Rachael everywhere, Devon thinks she’s going crazy. But her friend isn’t truly gone.
To save Rachael from the faeries who stole her, Devon must pit herself against the Court of the Sidhe. Once she witnesses the true form of the fey, Devon’s life is in danger—and so are the lives of everyone she loves. 
Now, Devon must not only protect herself, but also Jonah Seafort, Rachael’s cousin and the only person Devon can trust to help her. While the Sidhe walk among them, no one is safe…

Hey everyone! Welcome to my tour stop for the Eventide Tour hosted by YA Bound Book Tours. This book was absolutely fascinating with it's amazing magical elements and mythology it was really cool! One quick note before I get into the review, I'm sorry if this review is a bit shorter than usual but it's really late right now as I'm writing this (you can't tell cause I'm scheduling the post) and I can barely stay awake...probably shouldn't have waited until last minute to read/review...oops? But still, let's get into the review!

Eventide follows a girl named Devon who killed her best friend Rachael in a car accident. After that, she finds herself seeing Rachael everywhere and finds out that her best friend wasn't killed, she was kidnapped by faeries. And Devon is going to do everything she can to get her friend back.

Devon was a fantastic main character. Not only was it how she was acted, but it was how she was crafted as a character. Actually, all the characters were amazing. It was how Christine A. Riley wrote those characters that makes each one of them stand out to you as the reader. It did not take long before I became emotionally attached to Devon and felt her pain, grief, and determination. To take it a step further, I had wells under my eyes are numerous points. 

The world itself is fascinating with its interwoven story lines of Celtic mythology and lore. I went through a phase where I was completely obsessed with Celtic mythology and just seeing it in a book as opposed to the popular Greek mythology made me so happy in itself. Each creature we meet was so vividly described that you could picture them in your head and it felt like watching the scene play out in front of you. I also loved how suspenseful the plot was, I literally could not stop swiping the pages (e-book) and it had my jumping at moments. The suspense was so wonderfully done and the climax will leave you breathless and stunned.

Before I wrap it up, let's mention Jonah. He was adorable and such a great character. There are moments though where you want to throw stuff at him or slap some reality into him because he is quite the oblivious person. However, I loved his relationship with Devon. They are so cute together, I can't get enough of the feels!

Alright, that's it for this review. Sorry about it being so short, I promise I'll make it up to you! Thanks so much for reading and I'll see you next time :)

4 out of 5 stars

Foreverly Obsessed,

Release Mini Review: Runaway

Pages: 41
Source: Mark My Words Publicity

Camryn Cruise is not human. But she doesn’t know what she is. Not yet.
The world is falling apart and her only escape is Camp Silverlake where she frequently stayed as a child. But Camryn’s summers weren’t filled with crafting and swimming, they were spent learning combat skills and how to protect herself from the outside world.
Now she must return to Camp Silverlake to learn the truth, about who she is and she’ll discover the secret hidden within her blood. A secret that could save them all.

Hey everyone! Welcome to my release review for Runaway which is the first book in the Camryn Cruise series by Brina Courtney. It's a really short book, only about 41 pages so it was a super fast read for me. Anyway, let's get into the review!

I actually had no idea that Runaway was going to be a zombie book. As many people know, I'm not a huge fan of zombie books, they just don't work with me. However, this one was okay, I liked it, but not a lot. It was the zombie factor, I'm sorry I just can't get into zombies. But my dislike for zombies aside, this book was pretty cool. In the short amount of pages that is in this book, we learn the history of how the virus came to be as well as the main character and her connection to the virus. Now, it does have that one cliche-ish factor where our MC, Camryn Cruise (pretty cool name!) is immune to the virus because she is part of a genetically mutated generation. That didn't bother me as much as I had thought it would and she ended up being pretty kickbutt. That car scene in the middle of the highway when they first meet the Sick was just a small taste as to what type of moves she's got up her sleeve. 

My biggest complaint was the length. I was confused at the beginning because one moment Camryn and her best friend Kiley are chilling and the minute they're packing for Camp Silverlake. However, once I figured out that zombies were the big scary figure in the story, it made more sense and I could go back and re-read the first couple of chapters and really get the sense of urgency, confusion, and chaos. The length though! I felt as if I was just getting into the story and then it ended. So other than that, this book wasn't that bad. I've only read one other book by Brina Courtney and as far as this one goes, it's a pretty good start to a new zombie apocalypse series. If you're looking for some zombie action and want to test a book out, this one is definitely for you. It's short and to the point and the next book comes out soon, I believe so we won't have to wait to long. That's all I have for this review, what are your thoughts on zombies? Any tips on getting into the genre? Let me know down below :)

3 out of 5 stars

Foreverly Obsessed,

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Ice Massacre

ISBN: 0988003937
Pages: 375
Source: Xpresso Book Tours

A mermaid’s supernatural beauty serves one purpose: to lure a sailor to his death.
The Massacre is supposed to bring peace to Eriana Kwai. Every year, the island sends its warriors to battle these hostile sea demons. Every year, the warriors fail to return. Desperate for survival, the island must decide on a new strategy. Now, the fate of Eriana Kwai lies in the hands of twenty battle-trained girls and their resistance to a mermaid’s allure.
Eighteen-year-old Meela has already lost her brother to the Massacre, and she has lived with a secret that’s haunted her since childhood. For any hope of survival, she must overcome the demons of her past and become a ruthless mermaid killer.
For the first time, Eriana Kwai’s Massacre warriors are female, and Meela must fight for her people’s freedom on the Pacific Ocean’s deadliest battleground.

Hey everyone! Welcome to my review of Ice Massacre by Tiana Warner. Before we even get into this review, let me just say how freaking fantastic this was. It was such an action packed and fast paced book I really really loved it. Okay, now let's get into the review~

Ice Massacre takes place on an island called Eriana Kwai which I believe is an island in the Pacific Ocean. Every year the people of the island send 20 trained men to battle the sea demons that have taken control of the waters surrounding the island. Every year, nobody returns alive. This year, the island is sending 20 trained girls to fight and it's going to be a bloody battle.

Again, this book was fantastic. I had to read it at increments, between classes and breaks, and it drove me nuts. There is just something about the writing and the plot that makes you constantly want to turn the page next. The plot is awesome and it takes the myth of mermaids luring sailors to their doom to a whole new level. Evil mermaids? Yup, they are evil...well all of them except one and I adored her so much. Just the prologue itself had my heart beating in anticipation for what was coming next. 

Meela was so freaking amazing. I'm not even half way done with the review and I'm running out of words, so excuse the repetition. Her brother was sent out on a Massacre and he never returned, yet she didn't know that at first. She soon befriends a mermaid named Lysi and the two strike up an unlikely friendship; however, things got out of hand, her brother never returned, and Meela began to train for battle. Throughout the book she was just such a strong character, I mean, she's got to fight those crazy mermaids, but she never forgot about Lysi, about her "betrayal," and about her revenge. I love her character because she was among the few in the book who retained her humanity throughout the story. Despite the killings of hundreds of mermaids, she somehow stayed sane through it all.

The other characters were also pretty memorable. There's Annith who despite that one decision remained a faithful friend throughout the book. There's also Blacktail who stood with Meela through the Massacre even when Annith doubted her. Then we have Dani, crazy pyscho mermaid killed. Ingrained with the desire to slaughter every single mermaid in the ocean, Dani has no heart and looses her humanity within days of the Massacre. She's scary like outright insane; so overcome with bloodthirst that she disregards any of her morals. Her one goal is to lead, kill, and stay alive. Of course we have to talk about Lysi. I felt Meela's pain at her "betrayal" and half the time I couldn't even believe it. When she reappeared in the novel, I was dying for the two of them to be reunited as friends. Their friendship is so powerful and so vital to stopping the future bloodshed and bringing peace. 

And then we have the mermaid king, technically he's a merman and he's nuts. That's all I'm going to say about him other than I want him to die. Is that too sadistic of me? 

I also don't mean to sound sadistic but I loved the battle scenes. They were real, full on, action packed scenes with death, fighting, and awesomeness. That sounds really bad...awesomeness and death, but I'm serious. I could almost picture it happening and when someone died, I felt Meela's pain. It was so real, so vivid and amazing. Huge props to Tiana Warner because she definitely can write some awesome fighting scenes that seriously transport you onto the Bloodhound (that's the ship's name). 


I NEED to vent a bit about the ending. WHAT HAPPENED? Don't get me wrong, I loved this book, but that ending left me feeling so disappointed and sad. I wanted more, I needed more, and it just ended. In other words, MAJOR cliffhanger and on Goodreads there's no indication if its going to be a series or at least have a sequel. Even a little novella, I need that conclusion because it's driving me insane. What is that thing that the crazy king wants? Do the Massacres continue? Is Lysi okay? What happened next??? 

*Breathes* I'm calm. Please don't let that last paragraph turn you off because this book is seriously amazing. I've said that multiple times but it's all true. I enjoyed this book so so much, I highly recommend it anyone looking for something fast paced and full of action. Please someone tell me if there's going to be a sequel because I'm honestly going a bit mad here 

4.25 out of 5 stars

Foreverly Obsessed,