Monday, June 9, 2014

I Know Lucy

Pages: 288
Source: Mark My Words Book Publicity

Lucy Tate is on the run. After witnessing the brutal murder of her parents, she's spent five years in hiding -- taking on different personas and faking her way through life. The authorities can't be trusted, so she remains in the shadows, always one beat ahead of the man who is forever hunting her. That is, until she meets Zach Schultz, a senior at Monte Vista High and the one guy she can’t bear to leave. Suddenly her natural instincts to lie, cheat, and run are overshadowed by something else...the desire to stay and perhaps, love. It’s her one shot at a normal life. 
Curious by nature, Zach is immediately drawn to the new girl at school. How can a person look both confident and vulnerable all in the same moment? Determined to figure Lucy out, he sets out to unravel the mystery that is her and soon finds himself caught up in a cat and mouse game. For the first time in his life he is faced with the reality that the truth can no longer set him free...if anything, it's going to get him killed. 

Hello everyone! Today I've got a heart stopping, super thrilling book to review for you guys so hang in there and let's go!

Oh my goodness gracious! I was so blown away by this book and I'm actually reviewing this a week after I finished it and I still can't seem to get my bearings on this book. There was just something about the writing and the story the completely sucked me into Lucy's life. I was a bit worried at first to read the book because it was written in Zach's perspective with occasional inputs from Lucy, which were written in third person. But as you get the know the characters, you learn to love both perspectives which is not something that I usually am a fan of. But with this book, each perspective kept me on the edge of my seat for the next time it was their (the character) turn to talk. Does that make any sense? XD

Zach seemed to be a pretty average at first. He has a soft spot for girls with issues because he wants to be able to rescue them from their worries. That wasn't such a big turn on for me and I was super scared that he was going to turn into some arrogant annoying guy, but he actually didn't! Instead of being arrogant and shallow, as the story went on he began to develop as a character and became more complex, intelligent, perceptive, all of that. At the same time, his "soft spot" proved to be something that drove him to find out the truth and come face to face with Lucy about what was going on.

I absolutely adored reading in Lucy's POV. Every single time, it revealed so much about her past, about her character, and you just completely fall in love with her. You feel sympathy for what's she's been through, admiration for her survival skills, fear for the possibility that she'll get caught, etc. Just, Lucy as a character brought out so much emotion in me, I felt what she was going through and I feel like, for the first time in a while, I really was able to connect with a character on a deep psychological manner.

Another plus of this book was its massive twists and turns. I mean, this book is pretty much a YA thriller, so you can expect your fair share of surprises. But whatever is thrown at you be it good or bad, you never shake off the sense of fear and dreadful anticipation that can show up at any point in the book. This book definitely fulfilled being a thrilling read and I don't want to say any more because it might give something away.

Definitely go check this book out if you're interested in thrillers, mystery, a touch of romance, and a lot of heart pounding moments! 
4 out of 5 stars

Foreverly Obsessed,

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  1. Thanks for such a fantastic review. You are awesome!! So glad you enjoyed the book. I hope you like Set Me Free too :)