Monday, June 2, 2014

Rixton Concert

Our school’s Do Something club entered a contest at Z100, a radio station in New York, and they won. The prize: a private Rixton concert. I was so excited about Rixton coming, even though I didn’t know who they were at the time. They’re famous, okay? Give me a break….. So I started listening to their songs and really liked them! They came on Friday, May 30.

That morning, during gym, I saw the crew setting up the stage for them. When Riv and Jenn had gym in the afternoon they actually saw Rixton come in. I got so jealous when Jenn told me,  lol.

So doors opened at 3:30 and the show started at 4. Riv and I got there (more like I dragged here there) around 3:15, give or take a few minutes. When the doors opened I pulled Riv through the crowd and to the stage. Somehow we got separated and I lost her in the crowd (sorry Riv, do you still love me?). I somehow managed to push my way from the back to second row (amazing, I know!) Everyone was pushing and the teachers were all yelling at yes to not push. I had to stand on my toes the entire time since I’m short…. I managed to record most of the concert with a lot of technical difficulties.

They sang We All Want the Same Thing, My Love (cover), Beautiful Excuses, Hold On We’re Going Home (cover), Ignition (cover), AppreciatedSpeakerphone, Make out, and Me and My Broken Heart. Beautiful Excuses, Appreciated, and Speakerphone were my favorite. I wish they sang Hotel Ceiling though; it’s one of my favorite songs by them.

Overall, it was a very high energy concert, especially since Jake (lead vocalist) was jumping around the stage the entire time. They even brought up 2 people from the crowd to join them on stage (lucky ducks). One of them was my math teacher since she was chaperoning! (Go Eisen!! Please give me an A) They were wearing T-shirts that said “Lancers” on it that our school gave them. Danny posed a picture of the shirt (x) and the band took a selfie with all of us in it (x). Charley posted a picture of the crowd on twitter (x) and Jake posted a picture (x) and a video (x) on instagram.

At the end of the concert, they threw stuff into the crowd: Jake’s towel, their guitar picks, and Lewi’s drum stick. Guess which one I got? Jake’s guitar pick!! (x)

After concert experience:

After the concert, my friends and I were waiting outside the gym, hoping they would come down. They promised to play football (soccer) later, so we were waiting for them. Then the security guard kicked everyone out of the building, so we waited outside. We waited about 20-30 minutes before my friends left. Some girls said Rixton was coming out of a side door and their car was waiting for them there. I ran there and saw a group waiting by the door and waited with them. Then one of the crew members came out to get something and told us the boys were playing on the football field. We didn’t believe him since we thought it was a trick to lure us away from the boys. Then a girl’s friend texted her saying the boys were playing on the turf so the entire group (including me) sprinted to the turf. Rixton was on the turf playing soccer with their crew and some girls were already there. Later, my math teacher came down and said to another teacher, “darn it, it didn’t work. We couldn’t keep them at the door.”

I approached Charley (lead guitar) first. I said hi and he gave me a hug without me asking. He is so good at hugging, omg. He wrapped both of his arms around me and hugged me very tightly. AND HE SMELLED SO GOOD! I can’t get over it, his cologne… I can’t describe it because I’m really bad at describing smells. It smelled ….kinda sharp and distinct…. Uhhh that’s the best I can do… sorry :/ It felt so good to hug him, I felt so protected and loved. His girlfriend is so lucky to have him…. Where can I get a Charley?? He was like, Hi, how are you? And when I asked for a picture was like yeah.

Then I got a picture with Lewi. The first picture was dark since we had our backs to the sun. He grabbed my arm and steered me to good lighting. He was like, wait, turn this way, and we took another picture. I had to wait a bit to get a picture with Danny and Jake since they were playing with their friends. But I got them!!! Jake’s was a normal, like I said, Hi, can I get a picture? And he was like sure. *camera noise* When I took a picture with Danny, he put his arm around my waist! ^_^ The others just crouched down a bit to get into the shot, lol. I left, then went back and asked Danny for a hug. His hug was a lot like Charley’s but I forgot to breathe, so I don’t know what he smells like L. They were nice to hug :D.

They were all super nice and courteous. They didn’t have a problem with taking picture with fans while they were trying to play soccer. When they play soccer, they seem like professionals. The way the approach, pass, and kick the ball looked like they had some training. They missed the goal…. Quite a few times…. A girl asked Charley if he would consider football as a profession if he wasn’t singing and he said he might. He was like, “I’d like to think I’m good enough. We’re British, so we’re raised to play soccer, just like Americans play football.”

They’re accents were peeeerrfffeecccttttt. I could listen to them talk all day!! Charley followed me on twitter and I completely freaked out when I saw that.

Rixton's coming back during the summer for a tour. Tickets go on presale June 3rd at 10 am and general sale June 7th, at 10 am. For more information go here (x)


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