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TOUR STOP: Tragic Silence

ISBN: 9781940202
Pages: 402
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When tragedy strikes Bianka Farkas one night in her native Hungary, she loses more than a friend and her mobility. Some things are harder to understand. Waking up in a hospital, Bee struggles to remember exactly what happened the night she was attacked and witnessed a brutal murder. Memories of a mysterious figure plague her as well as bizarre and terrifying changes in her over the next few years. Facing this new horrifying reality with a surprising ally, Bee finally has the chance to take her revenge but at what cost?

Hello wonderful people! Welcome to my Tour Stop of the Tragic Silence Book Tour hosted by Xpresso Book Tours. Like always, be sure to check out the other lovely stops by clicking the tour banner up top! Without further ado, let's get into my review!

This book was so different from the rest that it just completely blew me away. I honestly didn't expect to enjoy the book as much as I did since the summary didn't reveal a lot about what the premise of the book was going to be about. So let me enlighten you. Bianka, known by her friends simply as Bee, has her life completely turned upside down when her best friend Lucy disappears. Only a couple minutes earlier, Lucy had confided to Bee that she was being stalked by a man and after she leaves, she disappears. The friendship and bond that Bee has with Lucy is absolutely heartbreaking. They truly have a friendship that could span forever, the loyalty, love, and connection that they have spurs Bee to find her best friend. What she finds is that Lucy wasn't kidnapped by a creepy psycho, she was kidnapped by a century old Lideric, a vampire demon. 

I can already see all those eyes rolling but don't go anywhere yet. There are no sparkling vampires in this book, there are only good ones who live peacefully with society and bloodthirsty demonic, rip people's heads off for fun ones. A name that the Hungarians have given to these bloodthirsty demons is Lideric. (I'm missing an accent, sorry.) What I loved about the bad "vampire" in the story was how brutally cold he was. Okay, that makes me sound a tad bit like a psychopath, but hear me out. Nowadays, vampires are mysterious creatures whom the MC usually falls in love with despite the fact that they can't be together. E.C. Hibbs takes a totally different stand on that matter. The Lideric is woven into Hibbs's take on the legends; the author weaves the story of a dark monster with purges and a revenge that has lasted for centuries. Everything about this monster is not good and the suspense is almost killing.

Another thing I loved was how subtle the romance was in the story. From the summary, I wasn't expecting a romance at all, but I got one and I was really happy with it. I was so happy when Frank and Bee's relationship didn't become the spotlight of the story. Don't get me wrong, I love romance, but with all the tension and suspense in the story, to throw romance into the spotlight would have been wrong on so many levels. Instead, their romance played out in the background. I just thought it was so refreshing compared to other stories.

With that being said, I think it's safe to say my verdict on the story. Definitely recommend it! Tragic Silence is haunting, flat out scary at times, chock full of suspense and tension, but mostly it focuses a lot on Bee's journey to forgiving herself, to accepting what happened in the past, and to let go of it. 

Every stimulus we might see, hear, smell, or touch is the capture of some moment in time. No matter how small, it's in the past. Because of the split second it takes for our brains to process the information, everything we perceive in this world is a memory. 

Fate was fate, and life was life. There wasn't any good and evil in that. Life was just a road with its fair share of potholes; a river made turbulent by an occasional storm. Life walked hand in hand with fate. But choices walks with perception. I once chose to see an ugly, evil world; surrounded by death and deceit, and its own perfect mask. For a long time - longer than I ever should - I was bought by my own tragic silence: the idea that everything terrible that came into my life was my fault. That I was powerless in the face of something greater than myself; and that I failed the ones I loved the most. 


E. C. Hibbs has lived all her life in Cheshire, north-west England. A lover of stories from an early age, she wrote her first ‘book’ when she was five, and throughout school was a frequent visitor to the younger classes to read her tales to the children.

Living so near the coast, she loves anything to do with the sea. She studied Animal Behaviour at university and longs to work with marine mammals in the future. As well as nature and animals, she also has a soft spot for history, and loves paying visits to castles, cathedrals and museums.

There are many things she could be without, but writing isn’t one of them. She carries a pen everywhere, in case an idea appears, and takes pride in still seeing the world as brimming with magic. Besides writing, she reads obsessively, her favourite genres being the classics and all kinds of fantasy. She also enjoys Disney and horror films, practising Shotokan karate, drawing, archery, and playing with her very cheeky kitten.

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4/5 stars

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  1. Ooh this sounds like my kind of read! I love the mix of romance and suspense, and the romance itself sounds wonderful and refreshing. Great review, Riv!

    1. It was a really fun read :) Thank you for stopping by!! :)