Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Top Tuesday: Summer Edition!!

Hey~ I'm Claudz! Thanks Riv, for the introduction.
Mainly, I'm just procrastinating school work, because school sucks, you know? Just so you know, I have no idea what I'm doing.. so deal with it ;)
Since Riv did a school edition, I'll do a summer edition. My head is still stuck in summer, how can it be over already??
Here's what I've loved this summer:

1. Air Conditioning
    Of course, how would I ever be able to survive summer without air conditioning???? I hate sweating, it's sticky and it's just plain gross. So I gotta keep my AC up high! But no worries, I'm not an energy waster. Yes, sometimes I'll turn the fan on... not as good as AC, but it'll do...

2. Lipstick
    I blame Riv for this. Before, I was a lip gloss person. Gotta love the shine it gives your lips! I was never really into lip stick because I always thought lip sticks were for older people. I liked the glossy look of lip gloss, it was fresh and pretty. So in my make up collection, I only had four lip glosses and a lip crayon. Then, a week before summer ended, I went to Riv's house.... where my lipstick obsession started. Now, I love the way it looks on me! I look so much more mature, haha. So right now, I have two lip sticks: one from Milani in Plumrose (17) and one from Rimmel, it's a Lasting finish by Kate in Rossetto (01). I got them at CVS for less than $6 (I was going to buy Revlon's lip butter, but I decided instead of buy one lipstick for like, $8, why not get two? That's my logic.)

3. Skirts
    I've never been a skirt person. I was always too self conscious of my legs. But, following my tradition of new school year = fashion change, I've plucked up the courage and wore a skirt on the first day of school! I play volleyball, so my legs have a lot of muscle, which doesn't always look so appealing in a skirt. But I've gotten over the fact and found skirts that make my legs look great! Yay!!

4. Flip flops
    During the summer, flips flops are a must! After being trapped in converse all school year, my feet need a break! They're easy to slip on and look super cute! No more hassle of finding matching socks! My flips flops aren't super cute, but they're white and match with anything!

5. Starbucks
    I absolute love Starbucks! Yes, it's a little bit on the expensive side, but I think it's totally worth it. My favorite is the mocha cookie crumble frappe. A nice cool drink to refresh myself on a hot summer day! 

Well, here's my short Top Tuesday. I hope you all enjoyed my first post on this blog!


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