Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Top Tuesday: School Edition!

Hello all! Sorry for being a bit inactive this last couple week and a half. I will definitely try to get back on track. School started yesterday and sophomore year is turning out to be a lot harder than freshman. While freshman year was all fun, getting lost, forms to sign out; sophomore year just gets straight to the point with packets and homework. Not yet at all.

And while I hate to admit it, procrastination is really hard to beat once school starts up again because after a summer of procrastination, you just think you have all the time in the world when you really don't. Anyway, I'm making this Top Tuesday post a tad bit different from my regular posts. About 60% of this post has nothing to do with books, but more with stuff that I find essential for school. So let's get started!!

Note: Not rated in any particular order!!

  1. MP3 Player - Does anyone have these anymore? Most people have iPods or use their phones, but I still have an MP3 and I cannot go through school without it. Some teachers like my Chem teacher allows students to listen to music while they work. I don't know about you, but it helps me to memorize things to the beat of a song. Also, I walk to school and you gotta have music then!
  2. Planner - I try to be organized but no matter how hard I try I cannot. I'm always forgetting assignments and due dates and in high school that is just plain bad. Thank the heavens my school gives out yearly planners. It's a great way to stay organized through the year. 
  3. Pencils/Pens/Supplies - This is pretty much common sense. You don't walk into school the day of a test without a pencil right? Personally, I love to get all the cutesy Asian looking ones, but maybe that's just me. Anything works!
  4. Binders - My teachers this year are all about binders. The most common one I would say is the 3 ring, at least in the US (don't forget about looseleaf) but I also use the ones with 26 holes in them. Not really the smartest thing since you have to carry another binder to put all the handouts in, but they have super cute designs on them!
  5. Hair ties - This goes for all with long hair. Especially if you have a science class where they go through all the safety rules the first couple of days. My Chem teacher this year said that it's very important because we don't want anyone's hair catching on fire. (Sorry for the gif, I couldn't resist.)

  6. BOOK - Here's the bookish section of the post!! Books, novels of course are 111110% ESSENTIAL for school. I hate it when I finish a test early and I have nothing to do but sit there. It's a complete waste of time, not saying that other people should finish faster, but people work at different speeds. And then we have those teachers that go on and on about not taking any work out if you finished so you're supposed to just sit there and stare at the clock (which btw makes time pass even slower). So, a book. They can't yell at you for taking a book out can they? Standardized tests are different. Plus, they're great for relaxing after a stressful test too!
  7. Water - I know school probably have a water fountain, but I still prefer to bring my own. H2O is super important during school when you're running around from class to class. Plus it also helps to ease your stress level and keep you full if you're someone who gets hungry very easily before lunch...like me.
  8. Umbrella - This is very very important especially if you're a walker. You never know when it's going to rain so it's good to keep one nearby even if it makes your bag a bit heavier. Unless you prefer walking in the rain that is which most teens do, but aren't you afraid of getting sick?
  9. Lotion/Spray/Sunscreen/Band-aid: First of all, no I don't mean bring those heavy bottles, the small little ones are perfect on the go. Sometimes you just want to put a little lotion on your hands or something. When I say spray, I mean like either a small body mist or some sort of sample perfume. Especially if you have gym. In my school, we get 5 minutes to change, not a whole lot of time to really freshen up. In my point of view, the most important thing is B.O. cause we're teenagers, we sweat and all so it's good to at least smell fresh. And of course band-aids, sometimes teachers don't have one and you can't go to the nurse, but it's still good to keep at least one around. You could keep it in your pencil case, it barely weighs anything.
  10. Jacket - Maybe it's just me, but I'm super intolerant to cold. I think that 50 degree weather is chilly. So it's great to bring a jacket along to school. Even if it spends most of the day in your locker, it's good to have a back up just in case a certain classroom gets just a bit too cold for your liking. If you feel like it's a pain to lug a jacket back and forth, bring like a sweat shirt and just keep it in your locker and bring it home on the weekends to wash.

So that was my little Top Tuesday list and did anyone notice anything different? Ding ding ding! Instead of only have one, I managed to come up with 10!! New Accomplishment Achieved! Hope you guys liked this and I promise I'll have a book review up as soon as I can. Any guesses?

Foreverly Obsessed,

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