Tuesday, September 3, 2013

How I Lost You

How I Lost You by Janet Gurtler
ISBN: 973-1-4806-1297-6
Pages: 309

"I always thought we'd be friends to the end."
Grace and Kya always do everything together, and nothing can get in the way of their friendship. They have a pact: Sisters Before Misters. Buds Before Studs. Only Grace knows what Kya's been through, or how much she needs someone to stick by her. No matter what. Besides, Kya keeps life exciting—pulling Grace into things she'd never dare to do on her own. But inch by inch, daring is starting to turn dangerous. And Grace will have to decide how far she can go to save her friendship with Kya...before she ends up losing everything else.

First off, I love the amazing friendship that Grace and Kya had and I say this very very lightly. They have the type of friendship where it's like, "Girl, I got your back no matter what," which is this symbolism of a great friend. Kya is also very daring and pulls the more uptight Grace to try new things. I mean, you never know until you try right? But at the same time, their friendship is not all that great. The daring is good, but sometimes enough is enough. Unfortunately, Kya doesn't get that. She starts to act weird around the third member of their group whose name I can't seem to remember right now. Then she starts doing all these crazy things that's just not Kya. It didn't help that every time Kya screwed up, Grace would always relent and forgive. Some of the things were just unforgivable. I felt that no matter what, I just could not feel sorry for her. Moving on to the plot, I like how it had its up and downs (which involved Kya Drama). I also loved the cute budding romance that occurred between Grace and Levi. I liked how it was a bad beginning but a nice sweet continuation. Also, there was a lot of back story (which also involved Kya) but that's okay because it just added to the whole story. Overall, I really liked the story, there were just some characters I weren't all that...appreciative of. Oh, the ending. Yes, the ending was great, I loved watching Grace grow a backbone as the story progressed and how at the end she knew that she didn't need Kya to continue on her life. She could go on by herself and make new friends.

I may not be happy with you now, but I still love you.

3 out of 5 stars

Foreverly Obsessed,

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