Monday, September 23, 2013

Music Monday: All I Have Is Love

Hey guys!! So I'm back with another super cheesy and cute love song. Yeah, I'm too big of a romantic, sorry!!  Okay, so let's get into the lyrics~

You waited so long
For a love that's gonna last forever
Baby just give a chance
Cause I know that we can stay together

Right, so I love this pre-chorus/hook cause it just really speaks out to those girls who are worried about being hurt. Even for those that aren't worried about being hurt but are dreaming inside of a guy who is going to be theirs forever. I mean, who doesn't dream about that? It really goes a long way for a guy to say that.

Wish I could give you all the finer things
Like designer bags and diamond rings
What I got for you is all you need
Girl loving you is all I have to give
All I have is love

So this is the chorus, well part of it. The last verse is repeated 3-4 times. Again, it just reinforces the idea that "I (the guy) am going to be here, we're going to work it out," and all that cuteness. The guy's like, I wish I could give you all that expensive pretty things, but I only have my love you, and that's all you need. Some girls might be like, "Oh no it's not, I want all that rich stuff," but if you really think about it, those materialistic things are nothing to compare with a guy who loves you with all his heart and would die for you right?

So that's my Music Monday post of the week! To be honest, this song is a little bit too over the top is cheesiness (did I spell that right?) but I think it's still a pretty good song to listen to when you're a bit down. What do you think?

Love y'all!!

Foreverly Obsessed,

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