Sunday, November 3, 2013

Happy November!

Hey guys!! It's November already! For all the student out there, 2 months of school are done! Time for celebration! You've survived 2 months. So I've been checking out other book blogs, which is where I get a lot of inspiration on how to format and work this blog. A couple of them do this "monthly" wrap up of all the books they reviewed. Everyone figured out what's new? Yup, we're going to be adding something like that too! Here's post No. 1 in the "series." Enjoy~

In October we reviewed...

Chill of Fear
Cry Wolf
Late Night Phone Call
One Moment
Perfect Timing
The Gift
The Last Dance
To Be Perfectly Honest

So that's it for this post! Welcome November!! Month of Thanksgiving, end of fall, and more days of cold. Oh, also Happy Daylights Saving Day to those who are affected. We get one extra hour of sleep! Oh yeah~~~~~~

Foreverly Obsessed,

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