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Cry Wolf

Cry Wolf by Tami Hoag
Pages: 524

In the rural parishes of Louisiana's French Triangle, young women are disappearing one by one, only to turn up on the banks of the bayou, strangled and cast aside where they are sure to be found. But there is one trophy the killer prizes above all others, one woman who must be silenced forever
Attorney Laurel Chandler did not come back to Bayou Breaux to seek justice. That once-burning obsession had destroyed her credibility, her career, her marriage - and nearly her sanity. But when a ruthless predator strikes too close to home, she's lured into a perverse game from which there may be no escape. Once before, Laurel's cries against a monstrous evil went unanswered. Who will listen now?

Hey guys, remember when I said I'd pick my favorite suspense thriller and review it? Well, I didn't get the chance to read the two books I bought from the library, so I just picked one from the two I borrowed. On a second thought, I kinda want to review the other, we'll see. But today, I'm reviewing Cry Wolf by Tami Hoag.

The title itself just gives you chills, add that very sinister line on the cover and everything just got real. My eyes were immediately drawn to the very gloomy and mysterious cover and the line underneath the author's name: The scream heard by no one is the deadliest. How chilling is that? Before getting into the review, this book is definitely not one you'd want to read before sleeping so don't make the same mistake that I did because this definitely gave me nightmares.

As a lot of suspense/murder thrillers start, the first chapter or prologue gives you an insiders view of just what kind of killer you are dealing with. This is usually the part I hate the most because before you even start the book, you're scared to the point of shaking. This book did an exceptional job in really freaking the reader out before getting into the story. Just to scare you, a line:

A face, ghostly pale, cheeks rouged clownishly, lipstick smeared, mouth slack, eyes open and staring, unseeing up at the heavens. Looking for mercy, looking for deliverance. Too late for either.......Too cunning, too clever, beyond the laws of man, outside the realm of suspicion, this predator stalks.

That really got me shaking. Then Chapter One starts with "I'll kill him." I don't know why, but it just got me laughing so hard. But anyway, back on track. This book screams creepy, maybe not as much as other books, but it just has this whole vibe. There are characters, countless numbers of them that you just want to call them the killer. Since you'll probably have the same idea if you read this book, I'll just list them: Ross, Stephen Danjermond, Jimmy Lee Baldwin, and the main man of the book, Jack Boudreaux. Any guesses?

Why did I include the main man? Isn't he the one who goes saving everyone? Well here's the catch, Jack happens to be a horror writer with very graphic ideas who also was suspected years ago of murdering his wife Evie. How's that for shivers? On top of that, he's been spending a lot of time with our girl Laurel, who seems to be the one current murders are revolving around and the killer's leaving hints that come directly out of Jack's novels. 

Laurel was once denied the chance for justice when she faced her first prosecuting case against some well respected townies. The denial pretty much ruined her life. Now, she's determined to find the killer, but odds are once again not in her favor. I really admire her for her backbone and determination. Things do get pretty out of hand and she still manages to keep at least 1% of her sanity. And that's while having a thing with a suspected killer. 

I think I've scared you enough. This was actually really fun to write. How cruel of me. But this book is a definite catch, I recommend for anyone wanting a good spook book. After all, it's Halloween! Scariest time of the year! 

Let me know any comments you have down below!

Le Mascarade, where no one is quite what they seem. We all wear masks, don't we, Laurel? The trick is finding out what lies behind them.

Straining to reach together for a kind of ecstasy that would banish shadows. A brilliant golden burst of pleasure. Trying desperately to hold on as it slipped away like stardust through their fingers. 

3 out of 5 stars

Foreverly Obsessed,

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