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Perfect Timing

Perfect Timing by Catherine Anderson
ISBN: 978-0-451-23948-8
Pages: 422

Summary: (Goodreads)
Tragedy has struck the Harrigans—Quincy’s beloved sister-in-law Loni is gravely ill and nearing death. Quincy, like his brothers, feels helpless to save her, and the clock is ticking. Then, with perfect timing, a winsome red-haired woman named Ceara O’Ceallaigh mysteriously appears on Quincy’s property and insists that Loni can be cured. Only Quincy, she says, as the sole remaining Harrigan bachelor, can make it happen—by marrying Ceara.

To Quincy, Ceara is a charming and quite likely deranged spinner of dreams who can’t prove she’s telling the truth. But how can he pass up any attempt to restore Loni to health? Against all better judgment, he decides to marry Ceara. Maybe he’s making the worst mistake of his life. Or maybe he’s opening himself up to possibilities that defy explanation...and will send him on a miraculous journey toward enough love to last forever.

Hey guys! I've been on a roll lately with reviews! Yay! So this is a spin from my last reviews which were horror. This is a more romance based story with a twist of of mythology and ancient religions which I think is pretty cool. 

I've read her other books in the Harrigan series before and if Shelfari and Goodreads are right, this is the 11th book in the series. Wow. 11 books guys. Anyway, concentrate! The reason I mentioned the other books was because I don't really remember much about Quincy playing a big role, but I do remember Loni's story. She shows up at Clint Harrigan's home one day saying that his son is in danger, when he thinks he has no son. Then her prediction starts showing up on the news when an orphan boy is seen wandering in the wilderness. 

One of the things I love about the series is that they always have some sort of magic in them. Whether it is the magic of love, or in this case, a family power that stems back to the Druids of ancient Ireland. That's where Quincy's new wife comes in. Ceara supposedly time traveled from the 1500s to modern time because it is has been prophesied that a woman from her family, when married to a man from the Harrigan family would break the curse that plagued the Harrigan women of dying after bearing their firstborn.

Quincy of course is scared out of his mind. He isn't exactly the epitome of romantic and he's never met this woman before. Plus, she is so out of this century. Aha, I can just imagine him saying that...But for the sake of Loni, he does it. Slowly, he finds himself falling in love with her. I mean, who can't? Ceara is this little bundle of fire and energy, full of ending surprises! 

Since Ceara came from the 15th Century, she has no idea what phones are and the idea of girls wearing pants is just horrifying! I loved the entire experience as she discovers what the 21st Century held. It was like discovering the pleasures of a cell phone all over again! I also loved how she seemed so naive to cooking on a stove compared to a bonfire. She almost burned the house down! Quincy's expression was definitely priceless. 

Probably one of the best concepts of the story is Ceara learning that even though this marriage seems to be arranged by fate, she doesn't have to be the willing wife women had to be centuries ago. She has speak her mind and live her life independently. It's kinda reassuring to see how much the view of women has changed over the years. Haha, go us!

The ending was one of the most beautiful ever. I don't want to ruin for you, but it's those heartbreaking-ly beautiful ending where your guts just twists up inside, your throat feels like a stone is lodged, and you're screaming NO! at the top of lungs, mentally or actually, it's up to you. Wait, I lied, that's not the ending, that's right before the ending. What happens? You'll have to read to find out! This book isn't called Perfect Timing for no reason. EmojiEmoji

3 out of 5 stars

Foreverly Obsessed,

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