Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Wattpad Wednesday: Late Night Phone Call

Late Night Phone Call by GermanSam
Pages: 5 Wattpad Pages
Late Night Phone Call

A man makes a phone call and is consumed with memories and guilt. He looks back on how his life as reached the point it has. She, who answers the phone, is also filled with longing and new determination to live a better life. Each are left wanting more than they have.

GUYS!! READ THE BOOK BEFORE THE REVIEW! That way you'll understand my pain better~

OMGEEEEEEEE! This book has got to be one of the BEST that I've ever read! It's a short story, goes by pretty quickly, but every second you're reading it, your heart is clenching in pain and your eyes are filling with tears. This book is flat out amazing, and whether you've got the time or not, you have to check it out! 

The book is full of just broken promises, wishes that can never be fulfilled, and pain. Pain runs so deep in throughout the entire book. Betrayal's another big one. I can't even think straight, my eyes are still wet from crying. I wished that the story had a more final conclusion because, who doesn't like a good ending right? But the author wanted it to be bittersweet, which is absolutely is! I think on top of all that bitter-sweetness is this feeling of a lingering hope that could never be fulfilled. It's just:


Okay, done with gifs. Let's so into some more serious reviewing. 

Characters are so wonderfully constructed and written, it just breaks my heart. You can literally feel the longing they have for each other as if it was this cloud around you. Through the whole story, you're just begging for them to get back together and make everything okay. At the same time, you feel their caution, especially her caution to let him back into her life after what he did. At the end, you feel his pain as if it was a knife stabbing through your heart with the knowledge that you really blew it and could never have her again.

The plot, can we just all cry really quickly about the plot? Again, beautifully written to the point of perfection. There are parts that have you bawling and others that will have you furiously annoyed. It's surprising how all of that emotion could be contained in only 5 pages, granted that Wattpad pages are slightly longer than a Word Document page. 

I'm gonna finish with this: This book definitely has to be made into a short film! It would be amazing!! After reading the book, who agrees with me??

5 out of 5 stars

Foreverly Obsessed,

Ooh oh oh! Found this song which just goes perfectly with the story! Check it out!

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