Thursday, November 7, 2013

Excerpt: Scent of Danger

Hey guys! Here's the little excerpt I wanted to share with you guys of Andrea Kane's Scent of Danger:


"So let's get on with our next decision - the cake. Lilah wasn't wild about the the milk chocolate mousse filling we selected. She thinks it conflicts with our aura. She wants us to go with dark chocolate.


Carson gazed suspiciously at Dylan. "How come you're dealing with this so well? When we first started with this Wellington kook, you were bitching up a storm. now suddenly, you're all sweetness and light. Why?"

Dylan tugged Sabrina to her feet, wrapped an arm around her waist. "Because then it was January. Not it's April. I'm marrying your daughter on June 30th, which is just a few months away. After that, I'm taking her to a beautiful, private villa in Tuscany where we'll be totally alone for two weeks, and where the aura will be better than anything Lilah Wellington can create at the Waldorf or anywhere else. So I can afford to be tolerant."


"Okay I'll bite." What do you mean you'll be in Tuscany at just the right time?" (Carson speaking)

"We're arriving in Italy on July 2nd," Dylan explained. "That's six and a half months after your transplant surgery. Which is two weeks after the go-ahead date we got from Sabrina's nephrologist, her surgeon, and her OB/GYN."

"Dylan's right," Sabrina concurred, "So if this wedding goes off smoothly, and my new husband and I are feeling very relaxed and adventurous on our honeymoon - well, who knows? My mother might be able to start on that line of designer baby booties right away, with us as her first customers."

Carson sucked in his breath, jerking to an upright position. "Whose idea was the milk chocolate anyway?" he barked, snatching the paperwork from Sabrina's hand and poring over it. "Dark chocolate's richer, more elegant. It's definitely got an aura. This Wellington woman knows what she's talking about." His head snapped up and he gazed from Sabrina to Dylan to Gloria, scowling at their smiling faces. "What wrong with all of you? Stop grinning like fools. We've got a wedding to plan."

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