Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Chill of Fear

Chill of Fear by Kay Hooper
ISBN: 0-553-58599-1

Summary: (Goodreads)
FBI agent Quentin Hayes always knew he had an unusual talent, even before he was recruited by Noah Bishop for the controversial Special Crimes Unit. But, as gifted as he is, for twenty years he’s been haunted by a heartbreaking unsolved murder that took place at The Lodge, a secluded Victorian-era resort in Tennessee. Now he’s returned one final time, determined to put the mystery to rest.

Diana Brisco has come there hoping to unlock the mystery of her troubled past. Instead, she is assailed by nightmares and the vision of a child who vanished from The Lodge years ago. And an FBI agent is trying to convince her that she isn’t crazy but that she has a rare gift, a gift that could catch a killer.
Quentin knows that this is his last chance to solve a case that has become a dangerous obsession. But can he persuade Diana to help him, knowing what it could cost her? For something cold and dark and pure evil is stalking the grounds of The Lodge. Something Diana may not survive. Something Quentin never felt before: the chill of fear.

Hey guys, this is my second spook book for the month of October. I lied, I'm doing more than just one suspense book from my haul in September, this one was so scary it tied with Cry Wolf. Okay, so once again my warning, do not read this before bedtime because it will give you nightmares with ghosts hanging from ceilings and little girls crying with blood dripping. Maybe that's a bit exaggerated, actually it fits the story. That's the level of horror we're talking about here.

At first, Diana seems like this very disillusioned person who doesn't really know what she wants. She gets plagued with these visions of a girl who keeps asking for her help. Then this guy aka Quentin Hayes appears telling her that she has a gift. My first impression of him was: This guy is very obsessed with finding this killer. Then as you read further, you find that he is connected with the killer as he lost a close friend. 

Through the whole book, there are these flashes of ghosts. One of the scariest parts was when an "electrician/gardener" (I'm not sure what to call him) went to the attic and thought he saw a girl hanging from the ceiling dripping blood onto the floor. That was straight out of a horror movie scary. 

There's a little girl named Madison who seems to also have the gift of communicating with the spirits of the dead children. I seriously thought she was going to be the next one to die, I got so scared whenever she was traveling through the gray world and heard the loud thumping footsteps and screams of ghosts whispering, "He's coming." 

Just as a little spoiler, the killer is not a person. *horrified gasp* I couldn't help it, it just makes the whole story seem scarier and more inviting to read. There's a lot of history that needs to be uncovered for Diana and Quentin to find the killer and the ride was definitely a very horrifying one, but it was definitely worth it. This book a must for a spooky night read in October! (Just not too late...)

3 out of 5 stars

Foreverly Obsessed,

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