Monday, November 11, 2013

Music Monday: Fire

Hey guys! Long time no sing! Haven't done a Music Monday post in what seems like forever! So to update you all on my current music obsessions: Alyssa Reid, Autumn Hill, and Jason Chen have been played the most this past week.

Don't think I've ever done an Autumn Hill review so a bit about the duo. Their album Favorite Mistakes came out September 10th I believe and the songs are A-mazing! They're a group/duo from Canada whose voices will literally make you melt in your seat. Ask Claudz, I've fallen off my chair listening to their gorgeous voices.

Anyway, Fire was the first song I listened to by them and it is super catchy with a really nice musical melody to it.

First let's talk video, it is COOL! I mean Tareya is playing on a piano that is ON FIRE! I guess that's the whole point cause the song it called fire. Also, everything in the background is on fire. Fire itself is a destructive element that spreads and consumes pretty much everything in its way. The connection of its destruction to a failing relationship, I thought, was really clever and creative.

Now on to the lyrics. The verses itself aren't that special. To be honest, I got a bit confused, but I'm guessing the couple is on a roadtrip and along the way things start to fall apart. Conflicting opinions on where to go and what not.

The prechorus has got to be my favorite part of the entire song. It captures guilt, fear, and sadness all in one. The singing is also really cool. It sounds like it's sung in one breath which is pretty impressive. I tried and lost breath around mid third line.

I sat in the middle and you started paling
Your phone started ringing and I stopped my singing
And I started crying at what you've been hiding
Along the way

The chorus itself is very catchy and creative. My favorite line is:
You took our love and
You set it on fire

Which recaptures the idea of a lost love. Yeah, melts in adoration of song~ 

5 out of 5 stars

Foreverly Obsessed,

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