Sunday, March 8, 2015

Planning Ahead (3)

Hello everyone! So last week was quite a success if I do say so myself in regards to reading AND reviewing. I managed to read four books which is a lot considering school and everything, but I did have a break since last week was reserved for standardized testing. Anyway, I'm still really happy that I got to read four books, even if I had to suffer through testing to do that. I also managed to review all the books I planned to review AND post an extra one. You can view the reviews I recently posted at the side bar to the right  Alright, let's get into my plans for this week!

I read 200+ pages last week and I WILL finish it by this week, that's my number one goal! It's fantastic guys, Brandon Sanderson is a literal genius.

This book comes out March 10th and I was kindly given a copy by Entangled Teen for review. I'm about 10% of the way through and it's a really interesting twist on the well known Romeo&Juliet star-crossed lovers plot.

I finally got Claudia (x) to pick up the Lunar Chronicles and she flew through the first two books. I read half of Cress last year before Chem Finals arrived and I had to put it down and I'm really excited to pick it up again and read it with my best friend!

I requested this book from the library because I'm planning on reading it for my final project in English. The title just sounds amazing! Hopefully this comes sometime this week so I can get straight into it!

This is my top priority for this week since it's a new release. I hope to have my review for this up by Thursday the latest!

I read this last week for the #AYearAThon and ended up finishing it in 2 days. It's a really fascinating story with so many different things going on it's hard to put the book down. I don't have a set date for this one because it depends on when the previous mentioned review goes up.

I finished this last week and it was really really good! So good that I requested the second book from the library and am waiting for its arrival. This is going to become my "bonus" review of the week, if I don't get to it this week, it'll be on the top of the list next week!

That about sums up this week! I'm trying to be more accountable for the books I've read and review as I go, but we'll see how long I can keep this up. Fingers crossed! I have a couple of books that I planned on reviewing for a while, but now I don't remember much about them since I kept putting them off. I don't know if I will end up posting review of them, but here's the current list - if there are any you'd like to see please let me know:

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