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Silver's Edge

ISBN: 0373811144 
Pages: 536
Source: Own

Through the Shadowlands: where the touch of silver was protections, power and peril.
Unwillingly entwined . . .
There is more danger than usual in the Otherworld of the Sidhe and the mortal world of the Shadowlands. An unlikely group of conspirators -- both mortal and Sidhe -- plot to overthrow both thrones. They'd stolen the silver caul that protected the borders between the realms -- and set into motion a most perilous war.
A blacksmith's daughter, a Sidhe lady, a mortal queen.
Three women stand against the encroaching evil. All they have is a girl's love for her father, a lady's for her queen -- and a queen's for her country. Nessa, Delphinea and Cecily are each driven by a personal destiny, yet share a fierce sense of love, justice and determination to protect what is theirs. Will the spirit and strength of these women be enough to turn back the tide of the goblin hordes waiting to overrun the kingdoms?
Perhaps. But the battle must still be fought . . .

Hello everyone! I completely forgot to mention in my Planning Ahead post at the beginning of this week that I have SATs on Saturday which meant I wouldn't be posting much towards the end of the week. Since I did promise at least two reviews this week, I thought I'd post my Silver's Edge review for you guys today so that tomorrow and Friday I can focus completely on studying. Alright, let's get in my thoughts~

In the world of Shadowland, there is an uneasy peace between the human realm and the Otherworld. For the last couple generations, the two worlds have coexisted in peace after the last devastating war after the Sidhe and the humans came together to build the Silver Caul. Now the Sidhe Queen is getting ready to birth her first child and heir and her power that strengthens the caul and barriers around the worlds will be at its weakest point. It's the perfect moment that the Goblin King has been waiting for. The moment draws closer as the Queen's due date approaches, the barriers weaken, and the goblins prepare for an attack.

I have not read a fairy book in so long I didn't know what to exactly expect when coming into this book. The book follows three different perspectives but multiple plot lines that just weave together at the end to create this grand finale. The alternation between the plots helped to keep the story moving and build the anticipation throughout the book. There were so many moments when I wanted to groan in frustration because one plotline was just nearing an important moment when it suddenly switched to the another plotline. The horde of goblins which represent the enemy in the story was not really presented as a very clear threat. While they were scary and ominous, I couldn't exactly feel the fear that everyone else in the story was feeling. However, I did like how the story started and ended with in the Goblin King's perspective, it helped to set the mood in the beginning and create a pretty suspenseful ending.

Like I mentioned before, this story follows three specific female protagonists who all have incredible strong ties to loyalty. There's Nessa who is headstrong and loyal to her father. She's willing to do anything to save him after he disappears and a dead goblin shows up in the village river. It's hinted throughout the book that she's gifted and will play a huge role in the next book, but she doesn't really do much other than passing some news and making some weaponry. But nonetheless, I'm excited to see what she will bring the story. Another protagonist is Delphinea, a Sidhe lady who arrives at the Faerie Court bringing bad news. She's probably the most interesting one out of the there and actually started off as really naive, but her loyalty (again) stays strong as she navigates her way through the corrupted court. I wish we got more of her side of the story, more of the Sidhe side of the story in general because it was probably my favorite to read. Lastly we have Cecily, a mortal queen, who sadly is probably my least favorite character. I can't exactly place why, but I just could not get myself to like her. Sure I sympathized with her plight, but out of all the protagonists, she came off the weakest. She's still true in heart and intention, but she is portrayed as a very lady-like character which when compared to the others just didn't work for me.

On top of the goblin threat, there's also the human enemy. Cecily and her husband are fighting a rebellion against the Fool King and his foreign wife. The king is a bit slow in mind and his wife and her people are slowly taking over the government. I actually liked King Hoell, he was really innocent and childish, but still a good person. His wife, Queen Merle, seemed to be the one running everything and I feel like the rebellion against her is completely useless. I loved the little peeks we got at her culture and her predictions of the future through the cards and the little sections we got from their perspectives made them seem like good people. The rebellion should just unite with the king and queen to fight the real enemy instead of each other...

The entire plot is full of court intrigue, especially on the Sidhe part which is incredibly interesting. There were characters whom I thought I wouldn't like and then completely changed my mind when true intentions are revealed. There's also a subtle, very very subtle romance that doesn't overrun the story's true course which I did enjoy. Little spoiler, but does anyone sense something going between Artmiour and Nessa because I ship it! 

Overall, this is really interesting story with an intriguing plot that weaves in and out and keeps you engaged throughout the story. Definitely check it out if you're looking for something a little different in terms of faery books because it's a bit bloodier than I expected for sure.   

3.75 out of 5 stars

Foreverly Obsessed,

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