Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Review: Shy Kinda Love

ISBN: 150786986X
Pages: 326
Source: WordSlinger Publicity
Publication Date: February 26, 2015
 When I was eleven, my best friend died in a car accident. When I was twelve, my mom walked out, leaving only a note to say goodbye. When I was eighteen, I was forced into witness protection. 
My new name is Shyanne Adams. To protect myself, and painless existence, I do not live. I do not laugh. I do not love. For the last three years, the only meaningful thing I’ve done is care for the horse I rescued. 
But now, at the age of twenty-one, the one person from both my past and present is pushing me to start living. Before I know it, I’m moving in with new friends who make me laugh. And next door is Kade Cross, the guy who wants me to love. 
Kade knows that I will complicate his life, but he welcomes the challenge. He sees that I’m broken, but he doesn’t try to fix me. When he knows I’m trying to push him away, he braces for the impact. 
What Kade doesn’t know is that I could have to relocate at any time. So I have to decide: is experiencing love for a short time worth the pain of losing it? 
This New Adult Romance is an emotional journey through pain and healing as Shyanne decides to start living again, but never forgetting she could lose this life… just like her last one. 
 Hello everyone! Today I have my review of Shy Kinda Love which I received for a review such a long time ago so this is long overdue~

This book has all the elements of a heart wrenching story, but I kind of ruined that emotional ride for myself. I've had this on my kindle for some while and I've picked it up and read it in sections. I read a huge chunk of the book back in August and afterwards it got pushed back until I picked back up in December. When I finally opened the book again, I could barely remember the plot of the story and I got in confused with another story.

The romance is absolutely heart wrenching with a swoon worthy male protagonist. The relationship is the one that everyone wants with a I'll-love-you-til-my-last-breath type of romance. To continue on with the whole "I lost track" theme, I didn't really feel anything towards the relationship and while it was definitely heart warming, it also felt very bland and unbelievable. I would love to think that there were guys like Kade who would go to the extremes that he did, but compared to all the other NA books with similar characters, this one didn't stand out too much.

Shyanne embodies the character with a broken past. She's been through a lot of crap and it was definitely uplifting to see her heal and piece back together the many pieces of her. Similar to Kade, I didn't feel much for other than just generally liking her character. Her compassion for other people, particularly horses, was definitely a heart warming attribute to her as a character.

The suspense in the story is definitely present throughout the entire story, but again, I just lost touch with everything that was going on. All in all, this book was decent and it would have been better if I didn't ruin it for myself by leaving such a huge gap. 

*Huge thanks to WordSlinger Publicity for providing a copy to review. All thoughts are 100% my own*
 3.5 out of 5 stars

Foreverly Obsessed,

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