Saturday, January 9, 2016

#NOTD: Zodiac Inspired (Born Pretty Store Review)

Hello everyone! So I finally received my next batch of products from Born Pretty Store this past week so I'm super excited to share with you guys the design that I came up with. Originally I had hoped that the items would arrive in December so I could do something inspired by Romina Russell's Zodiac but since it came later I just did a look with all the items I got.

Items I Used:

The nail polish takes around two coats to become opaque. It's not super thick or sheer so it's at the perfect in between. My only problem with this polish is the smell. To compare it so something from the drugstore, it smells similar to Pop-a-razzi's polishes which I did a review of earlier last year. The best way to describe the smell is that it smells like burnt plastic which isn't very pleasant, but the color itself is gorgeous.
One coat
Two coats

The metal decorations are a lot easier to use than the ones I got last time. Since it's a star pattern that curves, you can curve it to fit better on your nail. Last time, the metal decorations I used got flooded by my polish, but this one didn't. The only problem I experienced with these decorations were that they lifted quite a bit around the edges and some part eventually fell off because I was using my hands.

My favorite thing in this entire package is definitely the Zodiac inspired water decals. There are so many different designs and I mean they're water decals so you can't go wrong with them. They are super easy to use and I love how many choices you have.

Final Product

I added a Capricorn stamp on my thumb and chunky gold glitter on my middle and pinky for added bling. The stamp is uing the MoYou stamping plate from the Zodiac collection No. 12. On my pointer I used a lion (Leo) and Aries constellation. The metal star decoration in on my ring finger and I arched it over my nail.

I used Wet n Wild's Wild Shine polish in French White Creme for stamping and the chunky gold glitter polish is Sinful Color's Twilight Twinkles.

Purple Polish: 4/5

Star Decorations: 3.5/5

Zodiac Water Decals: 5/5

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Foreverly Obsessed,

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