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Top Ten Favorite Authors of All Time

Hey guys, so it's not Tuesday...but I was super busy yesterday so I didn't get the time to really sit down at all until it was super late. Anyway, I also really loved the topic for this week so I thought I'd go ahead and do a Top Ten. So, Top Ten Tuesdays are a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish and this week's topic is: Top 10 Favorite Authors of All Time! Let's get started~

Amy Harmon
I don't think I really need an explanation for this answer, but I'll explain anyway. Amy Harmon is by far one of my all time favorite authors - her book A Different Blue was one of my top reads of 2014 and a book that completely changed how I looked at life. I've read 2 other books but her and they continue to amaze with just how beautifully they were written and the amazing characters that she brings to life.

Brandon Sanderson
One book was all it took for me to completely fall in love with Brandon Sanderon's writing and storytelling skills. I can't begin to express how much I love Warbreaker and I'm currently reading the Mistborn Trilogy which is driving me insane in the best way possible. Again there are no other words to say that can express how amazing his books are.

N.K. Jemisin
I've only read one book by NK Jemisin, but I currently own all of her books. I'm not usually someone who buys all the books an author has ever written based off of one book, but her novel The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms was so unique and fascinating that I couldn't help myself. I'm currently reading the sequel to that book and so far it's so intense and good (even better than the first one!)

Katja Millay
Katja Millay wrote another one of my top 10 of 2014 books and I don't think I've quite recovered from the amount of emotions this book gave me. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that she publishes something in the future because her writing is just so beautiful and The Sea of Tranquility left me completely speechless - so speechless I couldn't even write a review for it!

Nicholas Sparks
Another author that came as a no brainer - Nicolas Sparks has taken my heart and repeatedly stuffed it with emotions until it has burst open. I haven't read everything he's ever written, but the ones that I have read have made me so giddy inside, I had to include him for making me smile so much my cheeks hurt.

Robin LaFevers
The His Fair Assassins trilogy is one of my all time favorite trilogies in the history of trilogies and it's all due to the Robin La Fevers's amazing talent to create those beautiful stories. She combines fantasy and history together so flawlessly and literally gives me so many feels my mind cannot even comprehend. I need more books by her because it's seriously killing me right now!

Stephanie Chong
Stephanie Chong wrote one of my very first favorite paranormal romances. Her Company Angel series (Where Demons Fear to Tread & Demoness of Waking Dreams) gave me a whole new perspective on love, forgiveness, compassion, and a lot more. She manages to weave these heart wrenching stories with a deep and beautiful message that completely blew me away.

Julie Kagawa
I first read Julie Kagawa's Iron Fey series in seventh grade and absolutely loved it. It still amazed me that it took me around four years to pick up her new trilogy - Blood Of Eden, of which I've only read the first book and it was so freaking good! I need to continue on with that trilogy as well as pick up her new series soon. And if I have the time, I need to visit Meg and Ash again~

J.R.R. Tolkien
After a long debate between Tolkien and CS Lewis, Tolkien won and only because The Lord of the Rings were the first books to completely change my life. Words cannot even express how much I love those books - they just opened my eyes to the amazing world of fantasy and I'm so grateful for that.

Trudi Canavan
I'm putting Trudi Canavan last because I haven't even finished one book by her, but I had to put her on my list anyway. I'm about halfway done with the Priestess of the White (Age of Five #1) and I can't put into words how blown away I am by the book. There's just so much imagination and intricate political schemes that are happening so far that my mind is spinning. I also currently own 3/4 of the trilogies she's ever written and I am not ashamed about it because I know I'm going to love them. 

So that's my Top 10! That was a lot harder than I expected and there are so many authors that I wanted to mention. This is just part of my top favorite authors, really they were the first that came to mind but now that I'm thinking about it, I have a bunch more. Before I start listing another bunch of authors, I'm just going to finish off this post. Thanks so much for read and let me know in the comments who some of your favorite authors are!!

Foreverly Obsessed,

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