Sunday, April 26, 2015

Planning Ahead (9)

Hi everyone! Okay so I've been failing quite a bit with keeping up with everything I plan to do and I promise it's all for a good reason in the name of academics and education. So AP tests are coming up in the first two weeks of May which means studying trumps reading/blogging. This is the first year I'm taking APs so my stress levels are literally off the charts (I'm not very good at studying...). Anyway, I'm going to start planning and scheduling ahead so I can at least get one-two posts up for the next three weeks.

With that being said, this Planning Ahead post will encompass both this week and next week and the same will happen for the 10th post. (Does that make sense?) It just gives me a little more leeway with how I want to schedule things and I'll try to specify when each post will be up if it's ready. Alright, enough talking, let's get into it~

I'm still currently reading Paranormal Keepers...okay I haven't started yet...but I'm going to try this week!

So I had to go ahead and pick up another fantasy book even though I am currently reading three other books...but it's a lot of shorter and I guess I just needed a break from all the political things happening in the other books...

I started this a while ago, but put it on hold and it's time to pick it back up because I am scheduled for a review this week (April 26 - May 2). Haven't read far enough to really get a good sense of the story, but I'm hoping I like it cause it sounds adorable.

I received a copy from Entangled Teen for review. The publication date for this book is April 28 so my review will be up around that time depending on when I finish it.

I received a copy from the author for review and I'm going to be participating in a release day blitz on the 27th. Hopefully I'll be done with this book tomorrow or Monday and have a review up around that time.

I pretty much lay out what needs to be reviewed this week so I'll just have the covers and names linked without an explanation:

April 26 - May 2



May 3 - May 9
This was supposed to go up last week, but in the rush of things I'm going to bump it back a week because I don't have time this upcoming week for post it. 


Just one more quick note and that is I made a new banner for my summary title! Before each review starts, I always have the summary of the book, usually taken off of Goodreads, and for years now it's just been the typed out word "Summary" while everything else got turned into banners. I finally remembered to make a banner for it and thought I'd share it before featuring it on my next review. The image is from the lovely blog The Cutest Blog on the Block as are most of my banner images and edited with an online photo editor:

Also, I lied one more thing. Episode Three of the Little Black Bookmark Podcast is LIVE so be sure to check it out! We talked about Sacrificing Books and played a game of Would You Rather:

Foreverly Obsessed, 

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