Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Waiting On Wednesday: The World Above

ISBN: 1442403373
Pages: 175

Gen and her twin brother, Jack, were raised with their mother's tales of life in the World Above. Gen is skeptical, but adventurous Jack believes the stories--and trades the family cow for magical beans. Their mother rejoices, knowing they can finally return to their royal home.
When Jack plants the beans and climbs the enchanted stalk, he is captured by the tyrant who now rules the land. Gen sets off to rescue her brother, but danger awaits her in the World Above. For finding Jack may mean losing her heart....

Be prepared, you're probably right! Welcome to the first Waiting on Wednesday of 2014! The World Above came out according to Goodreads in 2010, but I just heard about it while browsing through books. I checked and lo and behold (!) the library system carries it! I've just requested it and I'm super excited to read it. 

Jack and the Beanstalk is a classic fairy tale story that every child probably knows. I always felt bad for the giant because he got his things stolen. At one point of my childhood, I even believed, very fervently I might add, that Jack deserved to be eaten for stealing. Ahh, the mind of crazy little me. Anyway, this takes a different twist on the whole story which I think is awesome AND there's a girl. I'm really hyped to see how Cameron Dokey managed to put a heroine as the main character in a very male dominated story. The giant who eats humans is male and Jack is pretty obviously a guy. From what I've been reading on Wattpad, the transformation is pretty well done. 

Over the summer while on the plane to Taiwan, I also checked out the brand new movie: Jack the Giant Slayer which I thought was actually really well directed and interesting. I was really discouraged to watch the movie due to the cover, I mean that giant does not look pretty. Well, I guess he's not supposed to, but seriously. Halfway through the movie, I began to change my opinion. Like this book, it puts a different twist on the whole "Jack and the Beanstalk" fairy tale and put a ton more action and drama which I love of course.

Lastly, the cover. I say this a lot, we're not supposed to judge a book by it's cover, but man that cover is VERY influential. For one, I really like her outfit cause I'm a bit obsessed with like medieval dresses and have done my fair share of online window shopping for dresses like that. I mean, they look so cute! Second, her hair. I think they're called milk-maid braids which I've always wanted to try, but failed miserably every time. But I still think they're really pretty. Gen is just standing there with her hand reaching for the beanstalk, the World Above, and her brother. I just think it's so cool!

Okay, I will spare you the rest of my babbling. To sum things up, I'm super excited to read this when it comes and from reviews I've read, I'm almost certain it won't disappoint!!

Foreverly Obsessed,

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