Saturday, January 4, 2014

Tazo Teas #1

Hey guys! So I don't normally review food on here, but I thought it'd be cool to do a different review once in a while. So, I don't think I've mentioned this, but for some strange reason I am starting to have this insane addiction to tea. It's getting really bad and out of control cause all I can think about it tea.

So, I recently went to my local Bed, Bath, and Beyond and they have this HUGE wall full of tea. There's Celestial Seasons, Tazo, and a couple others. It's just amazing!! I picked up 3 boxes of Tazo teas with the promise to my mother that I wouldn't go on any tea websites until I finished. Ugh, so hard! But I'm managing so far. So here are the teas I picked up:

From left to right:
Passion, Flowering Honeybush, Peachy Green

This was described on the box as a touch of love that'll bring you passion. Well, first thing's first, this is definitely one bright colored tea! I literally poured hot water into my cup and the water turned a vibrant red. I probably soaked it in for about 3 minutes before removing and the taste was super strong and tangy. My cousin used the same tea bag and got an almost same result in taste so it's a lot packaged in a little tea bag. 

The taste is certainly very citrus-y and a bit "sour" but in the orange-y way. To be honest, my first reaction was:  because the taste was just so strong and unexpected. This is actually the last one I tried and probably my least favorite of the three. But, I think it'd be a great wake me up on days where I'm falling asleep on my feet because the strong tangy taste will definitely wake me up.

Flowering Honeybush:
This is described as a refreshing drink that'll show you the simple pleasures in life. This is the complete opposite of Passion. While Passion was strong, Flowering Honeybush was very very light. The color was a super light honeyed color. It literally tastes like water with a hint of flower and fruit, but the flavoring is very very subtle. Definitely great for relaxing with a book! ;)

Peachy Green:
This is the only one out of three with actual caffeine in it. 3 out of 5 according to the little bubbles on the front of the box. This is definitely my favorite one out of the bunch. It's got this super flowery smell and when you drink it, there's a subtle hint of of peaches and cucumbers. Yeah, believe me, I was pretty shocked when I first read about the combination, but it turned out to be sweet and refreshing at the same time. Definitely a favorite!

So that's it for my first tea review! I might consider some other flavors next time I visit the store, but I gotta finish these first. Hope you guys like this kind of stuff and it'll appear every once in a while as one of my "other" reviews. Okay, that's it for now! I'll talk to you guys next time! 

Foreverly Obsessed,

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