Saturday, January 18, 2014

All Hallows Moon

ISBN: 1937733114
Pages: 189

Rylie survived becoming a werewolf at great cost. She moves to her aunt’s ranch in the hopes she can enroll in a new high school and quietly continue her life... with a few distinct changes. She transforms into a beast every new and full moon and struggles to control her murderous urges.
Without many werewolves left, it’s hard to stay in hiding. A family of hunters -- Eleanor, Abel, and Seth -- recognize the signs and follow Rylie to her new home. They want to stop her before she murders someone, and the only way to do it is with a silver bullet. Seth soon realizes the werewolf is Rylie, the one monster he failed to kill. Worse yet, he’s still in love with her.
Torn between family and love, Rylie struggles to reconcile her feelings and control the wolf within while Seth fights to do what’s right. But what is right-- obeying desire or duty?

Hey guys! Welcome to the review of the SECOND book in the Seasons of the Moon quartet. First off, if you haven't checked out the first book click here. Okay, I mentioned this in the first book review that the second (as well as the rest of the series) flowed a lot smoother and the writing was a big improvement to the choppy-ish first book. So that was already a big plus. With that said, let's get into the review!

The beginning picks up a couple months after Rylie completed the transformation from half wolf to a full WW (werewolf). She hitchhiked across the country (?) to her aunt Gwyn's ranch in hopes to get away from her life, start new, hide from hunters, and control her wolf. Hitchhiking close to a full moon didn't turn to be a good idea as she shifts and almost kills (but badly scares) the trucker. She finally makes it to her aunt's house and had a nice little live beef steak along the way. Being a new WW, her instincts are a bit out of wack. As a result, she's snapping at anyone who gets on her bad side. It's not a pretty sight. 

Rylie slowly adjusts to her new environment and continues to try to control her wolf, but to no avail. Every full moon, she still goes on a crazed hunt and destroys everything in sight. Her action attract the attention of a couple of hunters and guess who is with them? SETH! Yup, his WW eccentric mother and almost turned brother have caught onto Rylie's location and are planning for the perfect moment to attack. Seth becomes torn between upholding his family job and his feelings for Riley. 

When I first read that line "obeying desire or duty" I was like, "No way. I'm done with this," but S.M. Reine completely blew me away. Honestly, I was so sick of the stereotypical boy (or girl) forced to choose between love or family. I mean, I think Shakespeare covered it pretty well with Romeo and Juliet. The big different between Reine's "torn between two" aspect of the story, I think, is that Seth isn't choosing between his family and Rylie. He's choosing between his legacy. His family, he could care less about. Well, his mom at least cause man that woman is crazy with a capital C. Instead of a somewhat weak inner struggle, you see Seth make his decision almost instantly: to protect Rylie (duh!), but his struggle comes in staying together with his brother.

In All Hallow's Moon, you really see Seth and Rylie's relationship begin to blossom and while it is full of "awws" and cutesy scenes, there's also the danger of Rylie's wolf and of course, Seth's crazy mama. Personally, I feel like this was sort of a "filler" book in the series because nothing much happens, but you get a more in depth view of the characters and see Rylie grow accustomed to her wolf.

Anywho, that's it for this review! I would recommend reading this, but to be perfectly honest, if you skipped it, you wouldn't be missing much. Book 3 aka Long Night Moon will be up sometime next week I believe? So until my next post~ 

3 out of 5 stars

Foreverly Obsessed,

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