Tuesday, December 3, 2013

It's December!!

Hey guys! Wow it's already December! 3 more weeks till Christmas break and I can't wait! That also means it's Christmas, New Years, and all that lovely holiday spirit! So let's get into our November wrap up and keep reading cause I added something!!

In November we reviewed:

Now onto the new stuff. Took this off of Youtube, you know how Youtubers do their "Monthly Favorites?" Well, I'm going to do something of that sort. Going to list some of my NON-BOOK/MUSIC related favorites of the month. So in short, turning the "monthly wrap-up" posts into a "Monthly Favorites" post as well. And since we're listing, it has to be on a Tuesday. At least in my mind. So here's the second Top Tuesday Favorites post! (Wow that's a long name!)

Starting off the list is my new current obsession: Beauty and the Beast. Currently on Episode 3 which Claudz thinks is bizarre judging by how much I'm ranting about it everyday. But yes, I'm only on episode 3 and I'm completely hooked. The storyline is different than the classical Beauty and the Beast story, but it's still amazing! The actors, just ahhhhh!! The season 2 midseason finale aired a couple weeks back and the rest of the season is coming back in January! Super excited and super in love!

I just recently got into the macaron craze that's been taking hold of everyone. To be honest, I'm not crazy about them as they are a bit sweet, but I still think they taste really good. I bought my first macarons from said store above on Black Friday and it was soooo good! A bit expensive, but that's probably cause I'm a cheap Asian, but they were good!! I got the Cookies N' Cream and my cousin got the Passion Fruit one. Tastes amazing! Now I have an extreme craving for anything cute and sweet...

Photo: I'm sooo miss Taiwan's beverage ! 飲料+鹹酥雞,快可立居然還能在NY存活~蠻好吃的其實~~但我想要50嵐~~( ´_ゝ`)
Okay, be prepared cause I think the majority of the rest of my favorites are food...The drink in the picture above is Passion Fruit Green Tea with Mango Jelly and has been my obsession since I came back from Taiwan. Tastes so good and anything passion fruit-y sounds Taiwanese. Plus, the mango jelly comes in the shape of stars. You can't get any more awesome than that. On the right is a bag of chickennn! Asian fried chicken to be exact and it's the best I've ever tasted. Even the ones I ate this summer in Taiwan don't compare!

Guys, this stuff is the best. Just ask Claudz. I quote from her, "Now I can never be satisfied with regular Pocky." I've wanted to try these babies for the longest time but never got the chance to. After watching Michelle Phan's October/Halloween favorites, I literally couldn't stop thinking about them. When we finally visited Mitsuwa for the first time in forever, I was so happy when we got them. They taste soooo good! I've finished this box and my mom bought more. They currently dominate my snack drawer.

I love love love these candies! My favorite flavor is Lychee, but I can never find it here in the States. Only back in Taiwan. Sighs...But, I'm still super happy cause they now have Mango and Peach! It's not lychee, but still it's somewhat Asian. 
Last but not least, Paris Baguette Cheesecakes! PB is having this "discount" where you get 2 for the price of 1!! They're so cute and taste really good! The containers are also adorable, I love the little PB logo sticker, but sadly they rub off...yes I stuck it on the back of my notebook. So if you see a PB store one day, go give these a try. Another I want to try that is a bit off topic, their red velvet cupcakes! It looks so cute, but it's so expensive!!! >.<

That's if for this month's wrap up and my favorites! Like this? Should we keep doing it? Please let me know!!

Foreverly Obsessed,

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