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Dollhouse by Anya Allan
ISBN: 1475034725
Pages: 293 

Six months ago, fifteen-year-old Cassie Claiborne reluctantly moved from her home in Florida with her social worker mom. In her new home--a remote, mountainous Australian town, Cassie meets new friends--Aisha Dumaj, Ethan McAllister and Lacey Dougherty.
For the first time, Cassie falls in love. The only problem is that the boy she falls for is her friend, Ethan--and he and Aisha are already an item. When Cassie goes on a school hike to Devils Hole with her new friends, she tries desperately to keep her feelings for Ethan secret. Aisha disappears on the hike without a trace--with the police believing she was murdered. When Cassie, Ethan and Lacey return to the mountains to search for Aisha--Cassie begins to realize she never really knew any of her friends. Everyone has their own secrets. She discovers the stranger lurking inside everyone she thought she knew. The darkest secret of all waits beneath the old mansion in the mountains--a secret from which there is no escape....

OMGEEEEEEEE! What is it with Kindle books and amazing first impressions lately? I have literally not been able to put this book down ever since I started reading. I even confess to be sneak reading in class. Dollhouse is eerily creepy but so freakishly addicting at the same time. 110% in love. Let me just want you, the ending, omgawds the ending will have you tearing your hair out in agony, but the good type. Let’s get into it!

First, the basics. Aisha and Ethan are dating. Cassie likes Ethan. Aisha suspects something. Aisha, Ethan, Cassie, and Lacey are on a mountain for a class photography project. Aisha, Ethan, and Cassie get into a fight. Aisha runs away. Ethan, Cassie, and Lacey can’t find Aisha. What do they do now?

Ahaha, sorry for that. That’s ↑ was just a summary of what happened in the first couple of chapters. Anyway, Ethan has now been accused of Aisha’s murder as he was the last to see her alive. In order to prove himself innocent, he heads towards the mountain to look for her. Cassie and Lacey decide to follow him after doing a bit of background research on the man who own the huge mansion in the middle of the forest, Henry. So they go look for Aisha by following Henry around and one day, find their way into the tunnel underneath Henry’s house. Do a bit more exploring, and they end up in this huge human sized dollhouse.

At first, they think it’s just dolls, but they soon realize that the dolls are actually girls. One, Cassie recognizes to be a girl who was reportedly kidnapped a couple of months ago. The dollhouse is run by this doll named Jessamine. They find a total of 4 other girls, including Aisha living in the dollhouse doing doll activities the whole day. Worst, Lacey disappeared and they don’t know where she went. I kinda laughed at this part because they were dumb enough to leave her alone in a dollhouse, but they were scared. They quickly notice that there is no way out and that time seems to tick backwards.

Cassie tries to escape a couple of times, but fails each time. Finally, she gets thrown into the “Dark Way” for punishment and gets mentally molested by Henry. Not like molested molested, but he scares her pretty bad. Then there’s this whole “revelation” where Cassie discovers who Jessamine truly is, she is...nope, not going to tell you. But it’s HUGE and pretty much sends Cassie on the brink of falling into insanity.

This story is just so addicting and creepy. Yes, very very creepy. By the end of the book, I was close to crying in despair. I wanted them to escape, they were so close to escaping! And Jessamine, she shows her true colors and all the insanity that is lurking around. The ending just ended me. Yup, I was done (in the good way). Now I really want to know what happens, but at the same time I’m so scared for what is going to happen. I don’t want them to dieeeee!

I'd do whatever he asked, even if I ended up wading in so deep I drowned myself.

Even those closest to you will seem to unleash a strange person when you least expect it, but in reality the strangeness was lurking in there all the time.

Study your eyeballs out, get a high stress job, get married, spit out a kid, get divorced, stress about everything, live out your life on antidepressants and too much coffee.

Emptiness is a place - an abandoned town - a bottomless hole.

You could make things up in your head and focus on them so much they become real, become fact, and control you.

I was relieved, not to feel it anymore. But at the same time, it was disturbing to have something so potent drain away like that.

Make your own chances. There's no time to wait for chances to come to you.

4 out of 5 stars

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Foreverly Obsessed,

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