Friday, December 18, 2015

12 Days of Christmas (Day 4): Penny for Your Thoughts - Productivity

Hello everyone! Welcome to Day 4 of 12 (10) Days of Christmas! Before I get started, I have a general PSA. So last year I included reviews as part of my daily posting, but this year I decided to do things differently and focus more on posting "extra" things. I tend to forget to do blogging memes and they're always so fun so I thought I'd dedicate the daily blogging schedule to that. Also, school is crazy because everyone is trying to test before break so it's easier for me to get a post up. With that being said, I'm hoping to put up reviews as a bonus post and continue my regular 1-2 reviews per week schedule. Alright, with that aside, let's get into the topic:

This is what everyone strives for but we always seem to fall short. So I'm got the idea to write a small post on this after I came across a blog called tipsywriter which has a bunch of amazing posts that are short and sweet but really make you think. She did a post where she discussed a time when she told her Twitter followers to answer the prompt:

I feel most productive _____________

That question made me stop and really think because I can't think of a perfect situation where I'd be 100% productive. I tend to get distracted by the internet whether it's watching YouTube videos, scrolling through Tumblr, looking at books on Goodreads, or just staring at my fish swim around in tank. 

It also brings to mind the infamous senioritis - the dreaded disease high school seniors get when they don't want to do anything because they're already in college. Most of my friends are already "suffering" from it and the common idea is:

I haven't exactly been "infected" yet but I can feel the symptoms slowly creeping up on me. Anyway, getting back to the original topic: productivity.

I feel more productive when I have a history test coming up. I honestly feel like I get so distracted if nothing is at stake and to be honest, history tests stress me out the most. The subject is fun but the memorization and everything drives me to madness with worry. It's kind of sad that that is the only thing that comes to mind...I need to some getting distracted...

Anyway, let me know your ending to this sentence! Anyone else a senior? 

Foreverly Obsessed,

Day 4 of

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