Saturday, November 14, 2015

#NOTD: Feathers and Lace (Stamping)

hello everyone! Welcome back to another #NOTD! I recently picked up some Wet n Wild WildShine polishes because I've been hunting for regular polishes that are good for stamping. In my last #NOTD, I featured the Bundle Monster Place No. 702 and I've been in the mood for more stamping ever since. Today's look is featuring the Bundle Monster XL Plate in collaboration with my favorite nail art guru on Youtube: Janelle (elleandish)

What I Used:
(L-R): Treat and Boost (Revlon), Putting on Airs (Wet n Wild), Black Creme (Wet n Wild), 
Clear Nail Protector (Wet n Wild)

Stamper (Born Pretty Store), Old ATM card, Bundle Monster + elleandish XL201
Not depicted: Dotting Tools (Sally Beauty Store)

1. Apply a base coat to protect your natural nails.

2. Apply a light blue polish to all your fingers except one on each finger for your lace accent. I chose my ring finger (left hand) and my pointer (right hand).

3. Apply a black polish to the larger lace patter on the bottom right corner and scrape the excess polish away with an old gift card. Then pick up the design with the stamper and in a rolling motion, place it onto the nail you left blank.

4. Using the same black polish, apply it to the feather designs. I chose the smallest one because it was the only one that fit and scrape/stamp onto a finger of your choice. I chose my pointer (right hand) and ring finger (left hand).

5. (Optional) My other hands were looking a bit bare so I took a dotting tool and added a small black dot to the top of each nail for an accent.

6. Apply top coat to seal in your design.

Final Product:

My lighting is a bit yellow since I did my nails at night but I'm super happy with how it turned out. The Wet n Wild WildShine polishes stamp like a dream. I did my nails last week using a light pink polish from Sinful Colors and the white polish from the range and it pick up the intricate lace pattern perfectly:

In short, I am in love with this stamping plate and these polishes! Let me know what I should do next! I've been meaning to do a book inspired nail look but the inspiration hasn't hit me yet so leave your ideas below!

Foreverly Obsessed,

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