Saturday, October 31, 2015

#NOTD: Deer in the Woods

Hello everyone! Welcome back to another #NOTD! I'm trying to make these more regularly because I've just been loving the something extra they bring to the blog. Today's post is also going to include a brief review on the Bundle Monster Plate No. 702 which I just bought. 

What I Used:
(L-R): Nirvana (Sinful Colors), Mellow Yellow (Sally Hansen), Paint the Town (Maybelline), The Hue is Blue (Pop-A-Razzi)
Not depicted: Treat and Boost (Revlon) & Wild Shine Top Coat (Wet n Wild)

Born Pretty Store Plate No. 08, Bundle Monster Plate No. 702, Born Pretty Store Stamper
Not depicted: Old gift card (Scraper)

1. Apply a base coat to protect your natural nails.

2. Apply a brown polish to all your nails except one for an accent - I left my ring finger (left hand) and pointer (right hand) blank. 

3. Apply a light blue polish to the fingers you left blank.

4. Take the Born Pretty Store Plate No. 08 and apply red polish to the leaf design. Scrape off the polish with an old gift card and pick up the image with a stamper in a rolling motion. Then apply to any finger of your choice. Repeat with yellow polish on the opposite hand.

5. Take the Bundle Monster Plate No. 702 and apply yellow polish to the flower (mums?) design. Scrape off the polish and stamp to your thumb. Repeat with red polish on your opposite hand.

6. Using the same plate, take the brown polish and apply it to the deer in the center of the plate and stamp to the finger with light blue polish.

7. Apply top to seal in your design.

The Final Product:

Quick Review: I'm absolutely in love with this plate! The pay off is amazing as you can see from the flower design. The deer came off a bit sheer but I'm attributing it to the brown polish I used. I can't wait to try out the other designs on the plate because they look so adorable! 

The final look is a bit sheer but again I'm guessing it's due to the opacity of the polishes I used. This actually took forever to do because I kept messing up since I was so impatient but the end result is super cute and I'm in love with how soft the brown looks!

Foreverly Obsessed,

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