Saturday, November 21, 2015

#NOTD: Pastel Princess + Review of Born Pretty Soft Stamper

Hello everyone! So today I'm going to be reviewing the Born Pretty Store's squishy marshmallow stamper and the metal decoration wheel. These products were kindly sent to me from Born Pretty Store for review. They also gave me a 10% discount code which I'll link at the bottom to share with you guys so be sure to use if it you want to make a future purchase! Alright let's get into the tutorial and review~

What I Used:
(L-R): Revlon Treat and Boost, Tempest (Sinful Colors), Unicorn (Sinful Colors), Tickled Pink (Wet n Wild), Clear Nail Protector (Wet n Wild)

Born Pretty Store Scraper, Born Pretty Store Stamping Plates No. 03 and No. 25, Metal Decoration Wheel

Born Pretty Store 4cm Sticky Stamper

1. Apply a base coast to protect your natural nails.

2. Apply a light purple and yellow polish to fingers of your choice. I decided to stamp on yellow so I painted my ring/thumb (left hand) and thumb/pointer/pinky (right hand). The rest I painted a light purple.

3. Apply a bit of top coat and place a diamond metal decoration on your left hand and a crown metal decoration on your right hand.

4. Using the purple polish and the Born Pretty Store Plate No. 25, use the princess and rose design to stamp on two fingers of your choice. I stamped the princess design on my left hand thumb and the rose on my right hand pointer. Then using the Plate No. 3, stamp on the fairy tale like swirls on the remaining pastel yellow nail (pinky on my right hand).

5. Apply top coat to seal in your design.

Final Product:
Left Hand
Right Hand

Comparing the Sticky Stamper with my regular double ended stamper
Using a pen, I pushed down on the sticky stamper and you can see that it's very squishy
My double ended stamper is a bit harder 
I used the same purple polish as above to try out this mirror frame (No. 03) and the stamper picked it up perfectly. 

The general idea behind a sticky stamper is that its sticky surface will pick up the polish more easily and the squishy rubber will conform to your nail easier without messing up the base polish underneath. When stamping, I usually wait 15-20 minutes for my base colors to dry completely so I avoid smudging but to test out the claim, I stamped after 5 minutes and my base colors weren't messed up at all. 

In terms of how great it picks up polishes, I'd give it a 5/5 because I used to have trouble picking up the mirror frame (above) with my regular stamper but the sticky one picked it up perfectly on the first try. Since the surface is sticky, it is recommended that you do not use removed to clean off any excess polish remaining so I simply used tape to remove the polish. 

Upon first receiving it, the package was extremely oily and I found that it didn't stamp very well so I recommend washing your stamper head with some dish soap (not hand soap because they have moisturizer) to remove the oiliness. Also since it is a sticky stamper, it will pick up every single piece of dust so I am storing mine in a small Paris Baguette cupcake container.

For the metal decoration wheel, I love the little designs and the fact that they dual sided. However, I think the black side is the only side you're supposed to be seeing because of the additional detail. These didn't really work on my nails and I found that they kept lifting on the sides. Also, I don't know if it was because my base color was a bit thick, but after pressing the decoration on my nail, the nail polish covered some sections and pooled up in others. It might be because my nails are more curved that it is lifting, but I think these would be awesome as decorations on cards rather than nails.
The Sticky Stamper: 5/5 

Metal Decoration Wheel: 3/5

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Foreverly Obsessed,

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