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12 Days of Christmas (Day 11): Winter is Coming Book Tag

Hello everyone! Welcome to the second to last day of 12 Days of Christmas! This flew by way too quickly for comfort and I want to rewind everything so I can do it all again. No worries, we always have next year! Final call to join the giveaway because I'll be choosing winners and announcing them tomorrow as the final post so be sure to enter HERE.

I was originally going to do a book review, but I mean, it's Christmas and I wanted to do another winter-y book tag so here we go, this is the Winter is Coming book tag. Don't forget to check out the original video here

1.      Snow: It is beautiful when it first falls, but then it starts to melt. A book/book series that you loved at the beginning, but then, at the middle of it, you realized you don't like it any longer. 
I’m going to pick Impossible by Nancy Werlin. I loved the premise of the book which is a re-telling of sorts about Scarborough Fair full of mythology and Fae. However, it fell extremely flat and I barely got through the first book.
2.      Slowflake: Something beautiful and always different. Choose a book that stands out, that is different from all the other books you've read
The Immortal Rules by Julie Kagawa was such a wonderful break from the popular lovey dovey vampire trend that has been going on. It’s a really intense read with action and survival being the number one priority and romance taking a lower rank of importance.
3.      Snowman: It is always fun to make one with your family. Choose a book that a whole family could read. 
The Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer, I think, would appeal to everyone in my family. It’s got the sci-fi elements to it that my dad will like, interesting characters for my mom and sister, and an action packed plotline for everyone.
4.      Christmas: Choose a book that is full of happiness, that made you warm inside after reading it
Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell is probably one of the happiest books I’ve ever read with a tinge of emotion and learning. It’s perfect and makes you feel all warm and happy inside.
5.      Santa Claus: He brings wonderful presents. Choose a book that you'd like to get for Christmas
I have too many books that I want for Christmas, but I’ll go with either Warbreaker by Brandon Sanderson or the second and third book in the Black Magician Trilogy by Trudi Canavan since I already own book one.
6.      Snow bowling: It can be painful to be hit by a snowball. Choose a book that hurt, that made you feel some strong emotion, like sadness, or anger. 
Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea by AprilGenevieve Tucholke gave me an array of emotions but most prominently: disappointment and sadness. I had really high hopes for this book and it just didn’t work for me.
7.      Sledding: We all loved it when we were younger. Choose a book that you loved when you were a child. 
The Great Tree of Avalon trilogy by T.A. Barron – this was my first fantasy trilogy that I read on my own. I read the Lord of the Rings and The Chronicles of Narnia with my parents so this definitely made a pretty big impact on my life. And it also fueld my insane obsession with Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table.
8.      Frostbite: Choose a book that you were really disappointed in.
Forbidden by Syrie James – I had previously read another book by Syrie James which I really liked but it was an adult paranormal so I decided to give her YA paranormal book a try. No.
9.      Reindeer: Something that is dear to us. Choose a book that is of great sentimental value to you. 
A Different Blue by Amy Harmon OR The Tragedy Paper byElizabeth Laban. Those two books are probably my biggest pride that I’ve added to my collection this year. Should be no surprise…

So that's all I have! If you're interested in doing this tag, please do! I never know who to tag which is kind of a bummer! Please leave your answers in the comments below! Merry Christmas Eve everyone!!

Foreverly Obsessed,

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  1. This tag was beautiful! I totally agree with your choice of Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell. It was a really great book that made me feel all warm and cozy inside.

    Alex @ The Book's Buzz