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ISBN: 1593156286
Pages: 264
When Nicole Whitcomb's car runs off a Colorado mountain road during a blinding snowstorm, she is saved from death by a handsome, fascinating, and enigmatic stranger.Snowbound with him for days in his beautiful home high in the Rockies, she finds herself powerfully attracted to him. But there are things about him that mystify her, filling her with apprehension.
Who is Michael Tyler? Why does he live alone in such a secluded spot and guard his private life so carefully? What secret--or secrets--is he hiding?
Nicole has secrets of her own and a past she is running from--but Michael understands her better than anyone she has ever known. Soon, she is falling as deeply in love with him as he is with her--a profoundly meaningful experience that is destined to change their lives forever.
As the sexual tension between them builds, however, the clues mount up. When Nicole learns her host's terrifying secret, there is nowhere for her to run but into the blizzard raging outside, and Michael may be the only one who can save her life.

Hi everybody! Welcome back! Today I have a review of "a haunting story of forbidden love," perfect for Valentine's Day don't you think? First off, I want to clarify that yes this is a vampire romance and NO it is not Twilight because this beauty is 100000X better. Okay, now that we've cleared that up, we can get into the good stuff.

Nicole is driving away from a bad break up and is heading to start life in a brand new place. Along the way, her car runs off a mountain road because it's always smart to drive in the mountains while there is a blizzard outside right? Anyway, she would have eventually froze to death if it weren't for Michael. When they first meet, it's instant sparks and fireworks. Nicole is hesitant to respond to the attraction she feels towards Michael and he is damn adamant about keeping her at arm's distance. This sets up the whole "forbidden romance" feel of the story.

Michael is close to perfect. He wars between the vampire side of him and the remaining human part. He has feelings for Nicole, but is afraid that he'll hurt her or worse, turn her into a monster as well. After spending his first century or so as a ruthless killing machine, he's isolated himself to the mountains of Colorado and spends his days writing amazing novels and living out his life. When Nicole enters, he finally understands the meaning of love and omgawds it just gave me so many feels. 

I absolutely loved the classical literature references throughout the story. Michael is a vampire, no surprise there. He's also a couple centuries old, hardly a shocker. What made his story different from others was that there were classical lit references. Michael has an original copy of Dickens, he's met the famous Scottish poet Robert Burns, and there are so many other cool references. It just adds a lot dimension so to speak to the story.

Another I loved was the relationship between Michael and his horses. Let me remind you (again) he's a vampire and they're predators. Horses are well, horses. To give himself some form of company, Michael has worked to develop a connection between him and the horses so that trust him and his vampy abilities. It's literally like they have this telepathic connection between them and it's so cool! I loved the scenes were Michael, Pockets (one of his horses), and Nicole were together, it was so peaceful and perfect.

Last but not least, the ending. Holy macaroni! The ending is beautiful but absolutely torturous. I am trying so hard not to spoil it but seriously, the ending kills. I am not joking. To prove my point, I was sobbing uncontrollably and even the author's note didn't make me feel better. There has to be a sequel, even if it's a short novella because the ending just leaves you hanging there. 

So that's my review for Nocturne, I hope you guys like it. Please go check it out because this book is perfect, it's beautiful, and it's amazing. Highly highly recommend it! Oh and before I sign off: Happy Valentine's Day loves~ ♥

4.5 out of 5 stars

Foreverly Obsessed,

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