Sunday, February 23, 2014

Ashes to Ashes

ASIN: B0087H2KY2 
Pages: 28

Seventeen-year-old Alice Grimm lives a dangerously enchanted life. Other than being distracted by a Dreamhunter called Loki Blackstar who has a heart of gold but acts like a jerk, she has a job to do. Being a descendant of the Brothers Grimm, she is one of few in the world who can locate the fairy tale characters and remind them of who they are. This time, Alice flies to Venice where an 800 hundred year old witch's skeleton surrounded with seventeen glass slippers was found by archeologists in the city that invented the art of glassblowing. When Alice and Loki follow the lead, they find one of the fairy tale characters she had been searching for. It's a famous girl character that you know by name, but never really knew what actually happened to her.

Hey guys! Welcome back to the blog! Super sorry that I haven't been all that consistent with my Grimm Diary Prequel reviews, but I've been picking up all sorts of books in between that it's hard to stay focused on the prequels. Anyway, excuses aside, let's get into this quick review!

This was freaking awesome! Like Snow White, Blood Red was pretty great and this was is right up there in the ranks. Cameron Jace is seriously talented and has such a wicked imagination. So jealous...Alice Grimm is a descendant of the original Brothers Grimm and her mission is to try to remind fairytale characters of who they are. In this story, if the title's not obvious enough, Alice goes to help Cinderella.

 One of the things that made this super cool was the discovery of the 800 year old witch's skeleton that was found. I have this strange fascination with "medieval" sorcery/witchcraft and there were just some really interesting facts that Jace put into his story. Whether they were true of not, they definitely added something special to the story. Another thing was the concept of Dreamhunters and Loki. Loki is arrogant, annoying, and cocky as hell, but throw him into the Dreamworld and he's a big baby. It's actually pretty hilarious and Alice is just like: Seriously, man up! 

The whole "quest" was to save Cinderella from the fate of her stepmother so Alice and Loki (well he wasn't much help) had to save Cinderella's mother from getting killed. Anyway, it was so action packed and really well written. Highly recommend it and I will definitely check out the actual novel: Cinderella Dressed in Ashes!
3.8 out of 5 stars

Foreverly Obsessed,

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