Monday, September 23, 2013

Music Monday: Wherever You Are by 5 Seconds of Summer

Hey~ so my song for Music Monday this week is Wherever You Are by 5 Seconds of Summer, it was just recently released and I'm already in love with it!
FYI, 5SOS is an Aussie band that is touring with One Direction for part of their Take Me Home Tour this year.
I've listen to this song so many times already and I can't pick my favorite lines!! But I'll try:

For a while we pretended 
That we never had to end it
But we knew we had to say goodbye
You were crying at the airport
When they finally closed the plane door
I could barely hold it inside

How cute is that? It's so sad though! :(

Torn in two, and I know I shouldn't tell you
But I just can't stop thinking of you
Wherever you are, wherever you are
Every night I almost call you just to say it always will be you
Wherever you are

Um... where can I get a boy that says that?? *dying of cuteness*

I can fly a thousand oceans
But there's nothing that compares to
What we had and so I'll walk alone
I wish I didn't have to be gone
Maybe you've already moved on
But the truth is that I don't want to know


You can say we'll be together someday
Nothing lasts forever
Nothing stays the same
So why can't I stop feeling this way

Oh my god, someone save me, I'm drowning in my tears!

I know this isn't a lot, but it's Monday morning, I'm behind in Algebra homework, and I'm about to pass out, so give me a break okay?
Honestly, words can't express my feelings on this song. It's just so sweet and sad. It's going to be on replay for the next week... I've got my tissues ready! Love those Aussie boys~ <3

Leave a comment below on your thoughts about the song~

5 out of 5 stars


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