Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Top Tuesday: Favorite Outfits from OOTD Magazine's instagram

I absolutely love OOTD Magazine's instagram pictures!! I wish I had all those pretty clothes in my closet :(
But here are my top five favorite outfits in no particular order: 

Can I just say, I'm obsessed with little black dresses... every girl's gotta have one in her closet!! This one is absolutely gorgeous!! It might not look flattering on me, but it certainly does on her! I love the studs by the waist and the short hemline that really shows off her legs!!

2. http://instagram.com/p/eBBHFqk160/
This is the cutest thing ever!! Who doesn't love suspenders? With a skirt??? And a bow that matches??? SO CUTE!! Not to mention, I'm in love with the color!!!

3. http://instagram.com/p/d6EaQTk1yW/
This dress is stunning!! It makes a great party dress and easily catches a guy's eye ;). Not so sure about the heels though...

4. http://instagram.com/p/drtRhkE1_W/
Like I said before, I love little black dresses. I don't know if these count as LBDs, but they're so stylish and elegant, in a sexy way.

5. http://instagram.com/p/dV67y0E16_/
I just love the color of the skirt! It's so pretty and summery! It's something I would wear to school.

Well, that was my quick Top Tuesday.... I hope you love the outfits as much as I do!!


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