Friday, September 13, 2013

Freaky Friday: The Really Freaky Edition (The 13th)

Hey guys!
Guess what?? It's Friday...dun dun THE THIRTEENTH!  How scary would it have been if this was my 13th Freaky Friday post? Chills. Oh, to make it more scarier: 9/13/13 Double 13 guys, double that bad luck...
Yeah, so I just wanted to make a post about some things that people are told not to do on a day like this, not to creep y'all out...maybe 

  • Don't open umbrellas indoors
  • Avoid big surprises
  • Don't trust the moon
  • Cover up and keep the devil out 
  • Keep the knives and forks straight
  • Serve 12 or 14 instead
  • Friday dates are doomed
  • Cover up mirrors
  • Women should board ships because it equals a watery doom for the crew
  • Don't call a salmon, salmon.
  • Stay on your side of the bed
  • Don't burn eggshells
  • Don't walk under a ladder
  • Don't step on cracks
So those are just some that I found while surfing through the internet. Some of them caught me by surprise like "Keep the knives and forks straight" and "Don't call a salmon, salmon," but for the most part I've heard of these. Too be honest, I think I broke a couple already...Nooooo I'm destined to be DOOMED!!
Scary doom picture?

Some cute looking Friday the 13th signs:

I also found this really intersting article dealing with getting on planes on Friday the 13th. There's more to the story so definitely go check it out!!

That's it for today's post!! Hope you guys liked it!!

Foreverly Obsessed,

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