Monday, September 16, 2013

Music Monday: Beautiful Life by Union J

Right, so here's my first Music Monday... not exactly sure what I'm supposed to write, but I'll just ramble on... you have been warned ;)

Union J is a boyband from the UK who finished 4th on The X Factor UK last year. I know what you're thinking.. "Great another boyband." Boybands are back!! ahah

Anyway~ so far they have two singles out (their first on was Carry You, make sure you check that out too!) So far, Union J's singles aren't they typical You're-hot-girl-let's-hook-up kind of songs. To me, this song is about coming out of your shell and realizing there's more to life, that it's a "Beautiful Life."
Here are some lines that stood out to me:

There’s lots of make-up on her face
To cover up an empty space
But there’s a lot behind those big blue eyes
She just don’t realize

I don't object to girls wearing makeup. Sometimes we have to hide a blemish here and there, or amplify our best features. What really gets me is when girls start drawing masks around their faces or put on so much gunk on their face, no one recognizes them anymore. So basically, stop obsessing over how your face looks, odds are, you're making it worse by putting on a whole shit load of makeup.

He got his fortune on the plate
But all that money won’t change fate
He’s got 6 zeroes but no one to share it with
No friends, no girl, no one in the world

It's literally, "Money can't buy happiness." Some people, like me, say "yes, money can buy happiness. It can buy me concert tickets, etc." Yes, it can, it can buy you a moment of happiness. But in the end, all that money doesn't even matter anymore. With all that money, do you know who your real friends are? Who really cares about you? If you were to suddenly lose all that money, who will stay by your side?

There are so many more lines I love and have deep meanings, but I'll stop boring you. Don't forget to check out their first single, Carry You!!

Leave a comment below on your thoughts about the song~

5 out of 5 stars

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