Wednesday, September 18, 2013

New Label!!

Hey y'all!! So first off, did anyone notice anything new on Claudz's Top Tuesday post? No? We added a new label: Fashion!!

So a little back story. This blog started off as a book blog, a huge chunk became pictures, then it went back to book blog. What we've decided is the blog will always stay a book blog, it's just going to have other types of tags. After all, the "subtitle" of the blog is "Little quirky things that make life wonder," and the title is "Forever Obsession." So we thought we could add other subjects/topics that we also loved and combined it into one blog instead of making another.  So yeah, that's a little summary on how we decided to introduce fashion.

We'll be taking pictures from all over the internet of outfits or pieces of fashion that we like and just doing a little review on them. Sorry if at first the reviews aren't very detailed, remember what my first book reviews looked like? So that's something we can definitely work on and have fun with.

Another thing, the Fashion label is not limited to Freak Fridays though a lot of times at least for me, I'll combine the two, but it has it's own separate label!

If you guys have any other ideas for separate labels that can make the blog better please let us know in the comments down beloooow!!

Love y'all~~

Foreverly Obsessed,

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