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Top Tuesday: Fall/Winter Must Haves

Hey guys, so I'm gonna be doing my Top Tuesday post of the week based off of Fashion!! And this is a list of some of my Fall/Winter must haves. Just a quick warning, I am a comfort over chic person so don't expect a lot of fashionable looking items here. Of course, to make myself look and feel a bit more sophisticated, I'm going to post Korean fashion pictures because I have a weird fascination with that style...hence my profile picture? 

So let's get started!!

Girl (or guy) you can't go cold months without at least one scarf. They're super comfortable, come in a bajillion different colors and styles, and can really dress up or down an outfit which is really helpful at times.


FashionPinterest / Home 
So I chose pictures with outfits that I might wear during the winter time, the second one not as likely cause it gets really cold in New Jersey, but the others are definite. And a little scarf styling tip picture! 

As you cans see in the pictures above. They are both in my point of view a more Fall than Winter fashion piece just because again, it's cold here. Blazers are really comfortable and make your entire outfit seem more sophisticated than you really set out for it to be. I throw on blazers a lot over a t-shirts and jeans and it just makes everything seem more put together, plus depending where you get them, they're not that expensive. Leather jackets on the other hand are waaaaay more price-y. Even faux leather jackets are way up there. I have a bold blue one that I got from The Limited while is was like triple/quadruple less the original price, there are cheaper ones but you have to look for them. Also, mine is really warm and comfortable so I can wear my favorite animated t-shirts in like October or something!


Okay, just a heads up, doing a lot of layering clothing types. I just felt like cardigans needed their own category. As do other types of jackets...don't worry, I only have one more jacket related after this. Anyway, I was never a big cardigan person mainly because I could never find one that I liked. I owned a couple "sleeve-less" cardigans and one heavy yarn looking one, but I never really got into the thing flow-y ones. At least, until I went back to Taiwan and discovered that they were super cheap and could be worn in Taiwanese weather without death occurring which is something special.  Granted, the material is super thin and not that great in "blocking" the cold, but they're still great to throw over any outfit and do help a ton if classrooms get a bit too cold. 

Warm fashion winter styleˇˇGirlBelieve: Cozy - Comfy - Knitty - Cardigan - Sweater - Scarf

To me, there is a difference between a sweatshirt which has no zipper and a hoodie which does have a zipper. So just to clarify, I'm calling the Zip Up Hoodies which kinda sounds ridiculous, but hey. These are my absolute favorite since forever, they come in so many colors and designs and are just so cute. Especially Taiwanese ones with ears on the top of the hoods....They also have different "thickness" so you can alter between spring ones and winter ones. Vests are another big thing. They don't really keep your arms warm, but they do a pretty good job keeping the middle of your body warm. Plus the ones that are furry on the inside!! 
 Aero Athletics Full-Zip Hoodie - Aéropostale®Winter Glam

No clothing list is complete without the bottoms! First on the list, my beloved jeans, they don't get any better than this. Jeans are always important, you should always have them. Blue is the most common color but colorful ones are always welcome as well! Leggings, jeggings. I started having this strange obsession with them this year I don't know why. Jeggings are just super comfortable jeans if you're having a more down day but still want to look somewhat put together, I think these are a good choice since some jeans are made of "harder" and "tougher" material. Leggings are just plain awesome. They come in tons of colors and designs, but my favorite are the plain old black ones. Partially due to the fact that I have a lot of hoodies (not the zip up ones) that are in the size L or XL, they are pretty long (cause I'm short) so the leggings are just my lazy way of putting on pants. Sweatpants and yoga pants, must haves for of course, gym, (not my favorite subject) but also important for days where you just feel done with everything. Good for relaxing in, as long as you don't fall asleep.

all these little things

Now these hoodies are the ones without zippers. Like I said before, I like big floppy ones that just sort of hang on you which makes them super comfortable and roomy. When it gets colder in the wintertime, I usually have a t-shirt underneath in case it gets too hot in the classrooms. Sweaters are a must have, they're comfortable, cute, and so amazingly comfortable. I know I repeated myself. I wanted to get my point across. They also come in big sizes!! I have a thing for big sized tops...don't mind me. 

SweaterOkul İçin Tavsiyeler (Moda)

Okay, while sneakers are my number one choice of shoes, boots are a definite for fall and winter. I'm not a big UGG fan cause I think it gets too hot in there, but I love leather-looking (faux leather?) boots, or whatever material they're made of. I prefer mine flat, but if you like heels on yours that's cool too. 

fall outfit | Tumblr

So that's my I think super long Top Tuesday post...sorry if it was a bit longer than usual. I think I ranted a bit on this post, but I hope you guys liked it!

Also, all the pictures were either gotten off Google, WeHeartIt, Tumblr, or (for the zip up hoodie) Clothing Websites. I don't own any pieces (wish I did XD) and I don't own rights to the pictures. 

Again, hope you liked it, what's your favorite fall fashion piece? Let me know in the comments below!!

Here's just a little "My Style" Fall Picture...Yeah

Love y'all~~

Foreverly Obsessed,

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