Saturday, January 24, 2015

Colour Pop Lippie Stixs

Hello everyone! So it's been ages since there was anything beauty-related here now that Claudz has gone on and started her own fashion/beauty/lifestyle blog which by the way, you guys should definitely check out HERE. But anyway, I thought it'd be fun to throw in something non-bookish once in a while. I am by no means an expert on beauty products, but when it comes to lip products and nail polish, I'm kind of obsessed.

Recently I made a purchase from the very hyped website: Colourpop. I have been watching so many beauty gurus on YouTube who have just raved about their lippie stixs and eyeshadows. I decided to give it a go and ordered a couple with Claudz. We then decided to do a little collab and share our thoughts with you guys so be sure to check out her thoughts HERE. Enough talking, let's get started with the review:
Color Payoff:
The color payoff is great! If you look at the swatches (below) I only did one swipe of the product and it was already super opaque. The colors don't lie, the website has these really handy pictures that let you see the color on various skin tones so everything looked the way I thought it would. My favorite ones are probably Lumiere and Grind. 

These are all matte in formula which I have never owned before. They are pretty creamy and didn't feel the way I thought matte lipsticks felt (in a good way). However, I've heard that matte lipsticks can be drying if you don't apply a lip balm underneath. For these lipsticks, they did dry my lips out a lot, despite the fact that I applied a lip balm underneath.   It might just be the colder season...or me, but they all left my lips feeling really dry.

Lasting Power:
The lasting power on these are pretty great. I've already worn Lumiere to work and it lasted through. However, it does fade a bit when you eat, but a little touch up and it'll fix any little problem.

The packaging is okay. I didn't expect much and I will admit it looks really nice. However, my Creature lipstick was dropped and a section of the top snapped off (if that's the right word). I am guilty of dropping my lipsticks but they usually stay in one piece...

The lippie stixs retail for $5 each and on the website they also come with a matching lipliner. I will admit that I was definitely expecting more product since everyone was raving about how cheap they were. For their quality, it's definitely a good deal, but in my point of view it's still expensive. For $5, you only get 0.03 oz of product which in perspective, is not a lot. An average lipstick is usually 0.13 oz with ranging prices. At the end of the day, these are better off as "testing" lipsticks, if you want to try a color without fully committing.

(With the light on )

Colors from Top to Bottom:
Lumiere: A dusty mauve pink shade with a matte formula created by KathleenLights
Brink: A dusty warm taupe with a matte formula inspired by the insta-famous Kylie Jenner lip and created by brittanysuleiman.
Grind: A vivid blue violet with a matte finish
Bitchette: A deep red wine with a matte finish
Creature: A deepened blackened burgundy red with a matte finish created by Feral Creature.

Color Payoff: 2/2
Texture: 1/2
Lasting Power: 2/2
Packaging: 1/2
Price: 1/2

TOTAL: 7/10 

So those are my thoughts on the Colourpop Lippie Stixs! If you've tried these products out, let me know your thoughts in the comments below! Feedback time, what did you think? Are you guys okay with an occasional beauty review? Let me know!!

Foreverly Obsessed,