Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Top 10 Underrated Authors

Hi everyone! Welcome to my first Top 10 Tuesdays post! I've done Top Tuesdays before but this is my first time actually participating in one that is hosted by The Broke and The Bookish. This week's topic is:


I'm actually going to take a loophole and not confine myself to a genre just because I couldn't come with enough. Anywho, let's get started! 

  1. AMY HARMON - I will never stop talking about her! Funny though, I only have one review of her book on my blog but my second one is coming soon. She's super fantastic and I love her writing, stories, characters, everything. I found her through a book blog but I haven't heard a lot about her so yes, she' number 1.
  2. ELIZABETH LABAN - Author of the wonderful Tragedy Paper. Sadly she only have one YA book out but it's fantastic and I love it. Definitely recommend and hopefully people will start picking her book up and talking about it! 
  3. KRISTI STRONG: I recently read her YA contemporary book called Finding Keepers and I'm literally dying to get my hands on her fantasy series. I never heard of her before participating in the book tour for Finding Keepers but I think she's pretty fantastic. 
  4. STEPHANIE BEERDEN: Author of the new Elements series which I absolutely love. There's only one book out but it was pretty great and I really love her writing style and the way she creates this world with so much history and conflict.
  5. MELISSA PEARL: Her Fugitive duology is one of my favorite YA thrillers. It's tense and fast paced with amazing characters. Definitely recommend!
  6. CC HUNTER: She's the author of my new favorite paranormal series: Shadow Falls. I think she's pretty well known but I personally haven't heard much about her from the blogs and booktube channels that I follow so I thought I'd throw her name in. 
  7. ELISA DANE: She wrote the Diamond Girls series which I believe has 2 books out right now. I read both books for tour and it completely took me by surprise. She has this talent of creating a pretty stereotypical stories with a twist that involves a social/societal issue. 
  8. JOANNA WIEBE: Can I just say how excited I am for the second volume of Anne Merchant's story? I will admit I came so close to putting this book down but after getting about 60% of the way through, this book got real and things just happened. Huge props of creating such a complex world that seems so normal but is actually really crazily messed up.
  9. SOPHIE DAVIS: She is the reason why I have dystopian a chance. Honestly, I had no interest whatsoever in the dystopian genre but the first book was free and the cover looked pretty badasss so I picked it up and I was completely blown away. Her Talented Saga is really underrated but I think it really is something absolutely amazing. So go check it out!
  10. ERICA STEVENS: I've only read one book by her but that book made me cry for hours. I seriously need to continue on with the series because that ending was just completely heartwrenching and no, it was just one big NO. One note: This is NA not YA.
That's my list! I am actually pretty proud of myself for actually making it to 10 because I had some serious doubts. Watch me be completely wrong and these authors are actually pretty well known. They're on this list because I haven't heard much or anything about them from other reviewers so if you haven't heard of them either go check them out! Thanks so much for reading and I'll see you guys later~ 

Foreverly Obsessed, 

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