Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Mini Review: The Summer of Jake

ISBN: 1633750183 
Pages: 290
Source: Entangled Embrace

A new adult title from Entangled’s Embrace imprint… Falling in love wasn’t part of the plan…
Life is just dandy for aspiring fashion designer Annalise Farley. She has a great job (or she will once her designs are discovered), parents who onlyslightly disapprove, a cat that thinks she’s a dog, and a best friend…even if she hasn’t seen her in a while. But then Jake Maxwell saunters back into her life. Jake, the love god. Jake, her best friend’s older brother. Jake, who broke her heart at sixteen without realizing it, then left to become a pro surfer. Now he’s back, having taken the surfing and business worlds by storm, and he’s ready for a new challenge—catching the eye of another girl. And he wants Annalise’s help. Helping Jake land his next girlfriend is too fraught with emotional danger for her liking, but then Jake offers to put her designs in his shops. Is that the sound of her life cracking at the seams? It’s hard to tell with Jake smiling at her like she’s the only thing that makes him happy…

Hey everyone! Welcome to my review for The Summer of Jake by Rachel Bailey. Thank you so much to Entangled Embrace for providing me with a copy to review!! 

The Summer of Jake is a cute summer contemporary following Annalise Farley as she navigates her love life. This can be classified as a childhood sweetheart romance but they weren't really childhood sweethearts...more like childhood acquaintances. Annalise was such a dreamer which made it really hard not to love her. I loved her passion towards fashion and design and life. Her heart was also so big and beautiful that you just fell in love with her personality. At 16, her heart was taken by Jake and you see just how much she loves because she literally gives all of herself. Jake can be a cocky flirt at times, but you soon realize that this facade he puts up isn't who he is. He has a really low self confidence when it comes to love that your heart involuntarily reaches out to him. His one maddening feature was that it really took him waaaaay too long for him to fully realize how much Annalise meant to him. The romance in the story was cute and definitely summer-y. There are parts when you want to scream at Jake because he's hurting Annalise but he doesn't realize it, but at the end it's all good. I did wish that we had more insight on Jake and his relationships with Donna and his father - maybe more flashbacks to show how they affected him. Also, Scarlett. I wanted to hate her but I couldn't, she was only looking out for her brother and in the end, she only means the best. The Summer of Jake had its fair share of heart wrenching moments and I definitely think it's a perfect summer read! 
3.5 out of 5 stars

Foreverly Obsessed,

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