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ISBN: 1500222909 
Pages: 241
Source: WordSlinger/Author
Publication Date: July 1 2014

To what lengths will a man go for the woman he loves?
Reed Dartmouth will learn the answer to those questions time and time again throughout his relationship with Jade Montgomery.
When he first meets her as a young, gentle boy the heartache from losing his mother only a year before is still fresh and painful. Jade is different from anyone else he’s ever met; tough, sassy, and even a bit cruel. But she’s also the same as he is: she knows what it’s like to lose a parent.
Their friendship begins and a bond like no other is formed. Time passes and Reed learns that not only are Jade’s parents dead, they were murdered and she’s made an oath to one day bring them justice. No matter the price.
As they grow older their love evolves but for Jade, old habits die hard and she can’t stop hurting those she loves the most. Even in the midst of searching for her parents’ killers, passion ignites and jealousy burns as Jade tests Reed’s devotion for her. Will she push him too far?

Hello everyone! Before I get started let me thank WordSlinger Publicity for just being awesome and sending me this copy to review along with a bajillion other books. If you're a blogger looking to connect with some new authors I highly recommend you go check them out! Anyway, despite them being so awesome, this review is 100% my own opinion so let's get started~

Reed Dartmouth has loved Jade Montgomery from the moment they became friends. Jade is something completely out of this world with her fierceness and determination to find those who killed her parents. Their relationship was never meant for smooth sailing and through the years Reed has stood by to watch Jade from a distance while holding true to his promise to never love another girl. As time passes, Reed's grown into a pretty successful businessman and he's never stopped loving Jade. But enough has to be enough - the only question lies in if he's actually serious and ready to put his foot down.

Okay this book made me mad. That's not a great way to start a review but I was so angry at Jade when I was reading this book it drove me nuts. She's such a mean and heartless person with the way she plays Reed and ties their relationship in a bunch on knots. Honestly he could have done better - he was so close to doing better, but she had to come into the picture and make Reed forget about the other girl. I'm sorry for that little rant, but as far as ships go - my heart was definitely NOT in this one. 

Reed on other hand is such a sweetheart which brings me back to the point that Jade doesn't deserve him and he can do so much better. He's so loyal to her that it ends up blinding and hurting him a lot. Agh, all those moments when she just completely ripped him apart with her words and actions killed me. While I will back down a tiny bit and say that Jade's determination to bring justice to her parents is admirable - I draw the line when it consumes her. 

So to say the least the characters and I had some misunderstandings for sure, but the story itself is still engaging. You're hooked with wanting to know what happens next and hoping (at least in my case) that Reed will see some sense. I won't lie and say that I was happy with the ending but I am at least content because Reed finally took his stand and made it clear that he was done with her games. His relationship with Jade is nothing but rocky so for the time being I'm glad they've reached a moment of agreement and peace.

The final question is do I recommend? I think yes because while Jade frustrated me to no end, the author did a really great representation of a not so smooth love story. Everything in the relationship is raw and real which is definitely a contrast from the cutesy love stories out there. However I wouldn't consider this story full of angst because the characters know what they want - it just takes them a while to get there.

3.5 out of 5 stars

Foreverly Obsessed,

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