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TOUR STOP: Come, the Dark

Pages: 361
Publication Date: January 6 2015
Source: Xpresso Book Tours

TRIGGER WARNING: This book deals with the sensitive subject of sexual abuse. 
Rose desperately wants to escape the abuse of the father who impregnated her and the dark spirits that haunt her life. Being thrust from Georgia 1961 into the era of Salem’s infamous witch trials isn’t what she had in mind, and now her daughter is left hopelessly out of reach. 
The only way to return to her daughter is by facing certain death to banish the dark spirits that plague Salem. If she doesn’t eliminate these dark spirits in time, they will destroy civilization and trap her in this strange new place, ages away from her daughter. 
Even if she can complete the task in time to return home to save her daughter, there’s still one problem: she’s falling in love with a man who can’t return with her. Achieving her goals will force her to choose between the only man who has never betrayed her and a daughter she can’t quite remember but will never forget. 
A heart-wrenching tale of a mother’s love for her daughter, this romantic paranormal fantasy underlines the depravity of both historical and modern society while capturing the essence of sacrifice and devotion.

Hello everyone! Welcome to my blog for the Come, the Dark by Rebecca Hamilton. This is the second book in the Forever Girl series but as far as I can tell you can read it as a standalone as everything is explained to the reader in the beginning. As always, be sure to click the tour banner up above to check out all the other tour stops! 

Rose is pregnant with her father's child and she counting the days till her daughter's birth so that she can escape with her child and build a new life away from her father's control. The day her daughter is born is on the best days of her life but quickly followed by tragedy when her father takes her away. Rose tries to follow and finds herself in Salem, Massachusetts at the beginning of the Witch Trials. In a desperate attempt to get back to her daughter, Rose now known as Cordovae by the Ankou and Abigail by the Salem people agrees to join the Elemental War to prevent the incoming dangers of the Mort spirits who plan on taking over the world.

This book was all sorts of crazy in the best way possible. I didn't read the first book but now I really want to because honestly this world is so intricate and well built. As I didn't have any background context when beginning the book, I spent the first fifty or so pages utterly confused because I had no clue what was going on. However that confusion soon melted away and I became enraptured by Rebecca Hamilton's beautiful writing. As the trigger warning states, there are some dark topics in this book and the author doesn't take the easy way out - you're confronted with the stark truth from the start. The world of the Elementals is cool beyond words and while a bit confusing at first reveals itself to be such a complex world that is so well thought out and executed.

Rose is probably the epitome of struggles for lack of a better description. She goes through so much trouble and her only desire is to get back to her daughter even though she has to win a war first. Most of the story is written through her head and that gives you a better perspective of her character and also allows you to get a closer insight to her character development.William and Tess are two people who play an important part in Rose's development and both of them has unique personalities. William has also been through quite a lot in his life and the connection he has with Rose doesn't exactly help the current situation. However it added a tiny touch of romance that in some parts helped to provide hope when everything seemed to be hopeless. Tess is amazing with her tough attitude with a secret soft middle that makes her almost irresistible. All the characters, major or minor, had their own personality and were surprisingly extremely well developed.

As mentioned before there is an Elemental War going on and I can bet you that this is going to take you on a crazy unforgettable ride. I desperately need to pick up the first book because the writing style is so unique and powerful that I just got completely wrapped up in the story. Highly recommend this for anyone looking for a good paranormal read and not afraid to feel their emotions rip them apart at the same time.


About the Author
Rebecca Hamilton is a USA Today Bestselling Paranormal Fantasy author who also dabbles in Horror and Literary Fiction. She lives in Florida with her husband and four kids. She enjoys dancing with her kids to television show theme songs and would love the beach if it weren’t for the sand. Having a child diagnosed with autism has inspired her to illuminate the world through the eyes of characters who see things differently. She is represented by Rossano Trentin of TZLA and has been published internationally, in three languages. You can follow her on twitter @InkMuse

To learn more about Autism Spectrum Disorder, please visit the website below.

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