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ISBN13: 9781502440914
Pages: 293
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Tristen wakes to find a man watching him from the mirror.
A chill runs through Tristen’s body as the familiar robed priest stares at him longingly. The priest struggles to open his mouth; the stitches that lace his lips together slowly rip apart and jut raggedly from his mouth. His bloody lips stretch wide as he leans towards Tristen, trying to suck him into a deep black hole.
Ever since Tristen, a sixteen year old teenager, is assigned to work with Ailey on a school project, his life takes a thrilling and alarming turn. Tristen can’t stop the inexorable pull he feels toward Ailey; just being around her draws him in completely, blindly and with disastrous consequences. At the same time, an evil priest invades Tristen’s dreams and threatens to kill his mom.
Soon, Tristen and his friends find themselves magically transported to Fifteenth Century France and Tristen discovers that he is the last-born Seeker - destined to save the past and the influential figures who shape it. When someone tries to kill him, Tristen must make a choice: embrace his destined purpose and risk loosing everything or be stuck in the past running for his life forever.
This is not a novel about vampires, werewolves or ghosts. This is not your regular romantic, time traveling, coming-of-age story. This is the first book in a magical, paranormal, fantasy series about a regular kid who finds out he is destined to become the new Seeker to save the world from a bloody ending. If Tristen had known that pairing up with Ailey would trigger a magical ancient prophecy ushering in the beginning of the end of the world, he might have stayed in bed that day.

Hey everyone! I've been on a roll lately with the reviews, but today I've got super exciting release day review of The Last Seeker by Fleur Camacho. I was sent a copy by the author for review and I'm really excited to share my thoughts! Let's get started~ 

Tristen is a regular teenage boy. He has his regular problems such as helping his mom deal with her sickness and figuring out his attraction to Ailey whom he just got assigned to a history project with. Then he starts getting nightmares, focusing on a hooded priest with his lips sewn shut and trying to suck him in. Then, to add to all that fun, a new girl moves to town and Tristen finds himself torn between two girls. One who he feels comfortable and connected to, the other he loves. Of course, life just has to throw another curve ball at him and Tristen finds himself in 15th Century France.

If you're looking for one of those YA Fantasy books where a normal kid gets his world turned up side down when he discovers that he's the last something or fulfiller of some prophecy, you might want to rethink this book. That was what I was expecting, but it turned out to be more. In the summary it says that this book is not a coming of age story but an epic fantasy saga. I have no doubt that is what it will turn out in the end, but the first book is a huge coming of age story and it was fantastic. 

Tristen as a character was pretty decent. I know there are mentions of two girls and how he's attracted to both of them, but that attraction is different. He soon finds that his attraction to Ailey is more a friend attraction. Around her, he can be himself and he can relax. With Isolda, he finds himself fumbling to say the right words. Anyway, back to Tristen. He has a great heart and the way he was crafted as a person just makes you want to become friends with him.

Honestly, I'm not a huge fan of Isolda, I just felt that we didn't get to see much of her character as compared to Ailey and at times she felt a bit shallow. However, this is the first book in the series so I'm not going to be too picky about her character. Hopefully as the series continues, we'll get to see her character develop. Ailey on the other hand I pretty much adored from the start. She's a great girlfriend, friend, sister, and daughter. I was so unbelievably happy at the revelation at the end of the book because it was just perfect and I can't wait to see how things go from there. 

And onto the magic and fantasy elements of the story. Like I said before, book 1 definitely focused more on the coming of age aspect. Tristen as a character grew so much compared to the beginning and that was really the biggest aspect of the story. His destiny as the Last Seeker isn't explained that much in the story and what we do get is said rather quickly as the mentor figure (avoiding spoilers so no name) kind of throws the information at him before disappearing. I wished that we could have had a bit more information regarding his legacy and the evil in the story. I was creeped out by the priest with the sewn lips and we don't really see much of him personally. But again, first book and debut novel so I'm not going to be too picky about that. Overall, it's a really great start and I can't wait to see how everything progresses in the next book.

So that's my review! I hope you guys are interested to check it out, you can click the cover which will take you the Amazon link page or the title of the book which will take you to Goodreads and a bunch of buy links that are linked with the book. I enjoyed this book a lot and I can't wait to see how the rest of the story plays out. I think I've said that sentence at least 3 times already...anyway, thanks so much for reading!! :)

3.5 out of 5 stars

Foreverly Obsessed,

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