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Fate's Exchange

Pages: 321
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Death wants her. Fate has already claimed her. Angels protect her.
What if Death didn't mean you had to die? When Alyssa Frank dies trying to save herself from a brutal attack, she finds that second chances do exist. Now, reliving the final week leading to her death, can she discover the right choices in a sea of wrong? Or will her circumstances never change?
Death always meets its quota, and Alyssa has just made Death's list.With new love brewing and friendships on the line, what happens when chances run out?
Can she survive?

Hey everyone! Today I've got my review of Fate's Exchange which I was sent a copy for review by the author and Sasha if you're reading this I'm so sorry I didn't get it up by October 1st >.< Forgive me? 

Fate's Exchange follows Alyssa Frank who is a straight A perfect student. She's also a reader and in her case, escaping school for some free time to read just happened to land her face to face with a group of crazy teenagers who end up beating the life out of her. Literally. She thinks she dies, she even tries to speed up the process, but things happen and when she wakes up, she's one week in the past, still alive and breathing. 

I mentioned in my Initial Review on Goodreads that the book didn't start off smoothly for me. One minute Alyssa is being beaten by these crazy teenagers and then she's in this white space of nothingness talking to a voice, and then she's back in bed alive and back in time. I started this book really late one night after some studying so that confusing start kind of bugged me at the beginning. Yeah, not the best idea BUT as the story went along I found out that it wasn't the writing style that made it confusing, it was just how tired I was. The more you read, the more you grow to like the confusion because it allowed you to experience everything first hand with Alyssa. So if the story starts off a bit confusing, stick with it because it definitely gets better. 

Moving on to characters, I really liked Alyssa. She's revealed to be a pure soul and for one moment I was terrified that we were going to have a perfect holier than thou character but thank the heavens we didn't. Alyssa is a normal person with normal thoughts and just a really good heart. She believes the best in everyone but she's not naive to the evil that is on other people which came as a huge relief to me. She didn't feel like a pure angelic being, she actually felt real. 

David on the other hand I was okay on in the beginning, but again he definitely grows on you as the story progresses. In the beginning, he almost sounds like a petulant teenager who is assigned to watch a younger family member and just does it with a moping expression on his face. As he observed Alyssa more and got to know her better, he found himself attracted to her person. What I did like was how his attraction wasn't completely based off of Alyssa's "purity" of soul, but her genuine person. 

One confusing thing with the romance was how it started. For Alyssa, she felt an attraction from the beginning and it was sorta kinda insta-love which I am not a huge fan on. However, through David's POV which appears throughout the story, you see it's more of a gradual process on his part which more or less redeemed the insta-love in my eyes. I did really enjoy the relationship and it gave the butterflies and feels and then the knives into the heart at the end which is always a pleasant feeling.

I have one final thought on characters before moving on to plot - friends. Honestly, Alyssa's best friend has been through some pretty crappy things and I understand her desire to leave behind that life, but girl that was cruel what you did to her. I loved her character at the beginning, but after that one moment, my opinion of her fell flat. Then we have Alyssa's nemesis, former best friend turned cheerleader backstabber. She was the complete opposite. I extremely disliked her in the beginning, she was mean and rude, but she became the rock for Alyssa when her world fell apart so points :)

Okay, finally we've made it to the plot! Sasha weaves a really interesting combination of angels with Greek mythology, particularly the Fates. David is part of the Brotherhood who watch over Guardian angels and the human world. The Sisters are the Fates who control the lifespan of each individual human being. Then we have Him who I pretty much assumed was the head god figure and Death; we can't forget Death. The story definitely creates an interesting setting and premise for the story. I really liked the idea of a life for a life and also the idea of getting a second chance to change one's fate, sorta. 

Overall, I did end up really enjoying the story and I definitely recommend it! Hopefully I can have my review for the novella from David's POV and the second book up soon! The second book in the series Fate's Return comes out October 27 and is currently available for pre-order! Anyway, I can't wait to continue reading and see how the story continues! Thanks so much for reading! :)
4 out of 5 stars

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  1. Of course I read the review :) But you made me laugh as you noted your reactions to the various aspects of the story, so I'm sure we can forgive it being late - it was worth it. I hope you enjoy Pulled Away and Fate's Return, as I will most definitely enjoy reading how you react to those.

    Thank you!

    Sasha Leigh
    Author of Twisted Fate Series and Cast From Power Series

    1. Yay forgiven! Already got started on Pulled Away ahh David <3 <3
      Thanks so much for commenting :)